Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I managed to make the final table of the £250 Omaha Hi/Lo. This has been some kind of personal mission of mine since i have been so unlucky here and here in the last two of these events..... it doesn't even matter if i go out eighth or ninth which seems very likely as i have only about 7 big blinds when i return. When playing hand for hand with ten players left i lost about half my stack due to the size of the blinds. I passed some hands i probably should have played but finishing 10th would have forced me to retire from Hi/Lo tournaments forever.

Greg Raymer was also there and made the final nine players.

My run finally ended on the tables of Betfair. Dropped £4500 on Monday which is ok considering the form i had been in of late. It was due to happen sooner rather than later i suppose.....

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