Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some NL Holdem

I have started taking some tentative steps back into playing the NL Holdem cash games on Betfair. I have played some $10/$20 and £10/£20 short handed games.

So far i am about £1100 up.... so not bad.

Some hands i have played.

£10/£20 - Six handed. I have £1100. I raise UTG with AK to £66. Middle player makes it £200. The button calls. I call. Flop A22. Unless the unlikely scenario that one of my opponents has AA or 22 i probably have the hand locked up at the moment. I check. Middle position raiser makes it £200. Button passes. I call. Turn 3. I check. Middle position makes it £200 again. I call. River 7. I check. He bets £200 again. I go all in. He calls and mucks.

£10/£20 - Five handed. I have £2300. UTG limps. Cut off limps. I have AQs. I make it £120 to play. UTG limper calls and we are heads up. Flop 6QK. He checks. I bet £125. He makes it £250. I call (should have passed there). Turn A. He has just £500 left in front of him. He checks again. I bet £250. He goes all in. I call. He shows 66.

$10/$20 - Seven Handed. I have £1700. UTG makes it $50. I call with 6s7s as do five others. Flop 3s4s5h. Woohoo. Original raiser bets $150. I call. Button makes it $450. Passed to me. I move in. He calls with 5d6h. Turn blank. River a 7h to split the pot. FFS

$10/$20 - Five handed. I have $1400. I raise UTG to $66 with 8h9h. One caller. Flop JhQh2d. I bet $100. He makes it $200. I call. Turn a blank. I check. He bets $200. I call. River a heart. I bet $500 and he calls and shows J6.

I think the short handed tables are what appeals to me most. So i will continue to play a bit more Holdem unless i take a huge hit.

My form is still ridiculous on the Omaha tables. Two hands is all it took to wipe out three players.

$10/$20 - Four handed. I start with $1600. I raise on the button with AhQh6d7d. Everyone calls. Flop As6h2h. Checked to me. I bet $400. One caller. Turn Th. He checks. I bet $400. He moves all in. I call. He's drawing dead with a jack flush.

$10/$20 - Three handed. I have $3400. I raise it to $80 the big blind with KhKs9h9d. Button who had $400 in front of him makes it $175. SB calls. I raise it to $375. Button moves all in for $400 in total. SB calls. I now decide to reraise the pot to try and isolate the button and make the SB pass. So i reraise $1200. He calls. Not exactly what i was hoping for but i know he doesn't have Aces. Flop T62 rainbow. He checks. I put him all in for another $400. He calls. Cards on there backs. Button has JQKA and SB has 9JQQ. So i am in great shape barring a Q or runner runner. Turn a 2. Looking good. River a K just to make sure.

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