Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Barcelona - Update 1

I arrived and headed down to the casino to play the 500 Euro Pot Limit OHold'em. We started with 3000 chips and i doubled through on level 1 with QQ on a jack high flop. Card dead and missed everything for a couple of levels. I then bluffed off 2400 of my chips to someone i thought could lay down the hand i had correctly put them on. The last lot went in on a 9 high flop with J9 against 9K and i was out. Still, its the Pot Limit Omaha today so i should do slightly better i hope.

I'm still buzzing on the 10/20 tables. A few players were telling me just how bad the play is in the 10/20 Euro in the casino. At the moment though, i just can't do a thing wrong online so why change?

Richard Gryko is always amused that i always seem to flop the nuts and get paid off, so it was almost incredible that when he sat at the table last night the first hand i had was Quad Aces on the flop. Last night i must have raised with AAxx over ten times and at least 1/2 an Ace was appearing on the flop. I also had AAKK three times which is a record. Playing on the 2/5 i turned $500 into $4000 and on the 10/20 i wasn't doing so well, and was in for $5000 and then hit a few huge hands.

- I held KK88. There was a raise and reraise so i just called in the small blind. I had $3500 in front of me. Flop KT5 rainbow. I check and one player bets $400. The other passes. I call. Turn 9. I check... he checks. River a 9 to give me the house. I check... he bets $800. I reraise the pot and he calls and mucks. TTxx or 55xx surely.

- I then got lucky against Gryko. I held As 3s Ad Ks and he held Ah Ac 2s 6d. All the money went in the middle preflop. Flop 2d 5c 8h. Turn Th. River... yep of course 4s to give me the straight.

- I then won $4500 on this hand. I had 9TAQ. I raised preflop. two callers. Flop JQ5 rainbow. Checked to me. I bet $300. Turn 8 to give me the nuts and bring spade flush draw that i didn't have. I know this player always raises when i bet weak. He checks so i bet just $300 into a pot of $900. He pot reraises to $1500 to play. Hmmmm. I could easily move in here but he has a huge stack as well and could be freerolling me with a flush draw and straight. So i call. River a 6 and he bets just $700 and i reraise and he passes.


Scott Woodside said...

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OnTilt said...

I was playing on that 2/5 table, I wondered if it would get a mention, it was just ridiculous. We didn't play any pots though which is probably just as well considering you were hitting everything in sight. You did play some dirty hands though, admit it :)

It was interesting how your stack distorted the table dynamics a bit, helps to loosen it up I think as players try to go after it, so it probably did me a favour.

Milkybarkid said...

I love playing a massive stack on the 2/5 table. I was raising with some really filthy hands and hitting most of them.

By rasing so many hands preflop it really gets on other players nerves, and they end up playing flops very badly at times.