Thursday, September 08, 2005

Blondepoker Tourney

I played in the Blondepoker forum tournament on Tuesday night which was good fun. I build my chips up partially thanks to hitting a Gutshot against another blogger Ben. Cruised into second place out of 13 left and was sitting great in second when with blinds of 400/800 and running antes i raised to 3300 on the button with AhTh. BB moved in for about 8000. I called as i knew he had me on a steal. He had TsQs. Flop rags but running spades gave him the flush. Back to the drawing board. Next hand (on tilt obviously i pick up AA). Small raise in late position and the BB calls. Flop 56J. He bets 4000. I go all in for 9000. he thinks and calls with 34. Turn a 7. Wooooooo ... that was that.

Was playing the PL Omaha 10/20 at the same time. There were 4 or 5 players that i had never seen before which is very strange as i normally know everyone. I turned $1700 into $4700 mainly because one of the newbies couldn't lay down the second best flush against me - fair enough. Then this hand happened. Raise and reraise preflop and its $200 to play. I called with 5678 in late position. 5 of us see the flop. Flop 45T rainbow. Checked to me and i bet $1000. Foe who checked originally goes all in for $1700. I call. He shows T99K for one pair. Of course his solitary ten is stands up to win a $4400 pot. Playing his hand that way he is either in a whole load of trouble, alot of trouble or just trouble. No justice.

Still got back up to $5000 through this hand. Held TTxx. Flop KT7 rainbow. I bet $200. One call. Turn 4 to bring flush draw. He checks... i bet $600. River rag 3, He bets $1800. If he holds 56 with his hand then he is just too good. I call. He has A high.

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