Monday, March 16, 2009

Monthly Update :-)

Not much has been happening in terms of winning and losing... i've been playing 25/50 and 50/100 PLO when i've had chance, and had some time off to go skiing in Zermatt which was awsome.

I'm still on a pretty indifferent run, mainly due to not playing so good and running terribly in big pots. I think i've played 10 pots over $50k this year and lost 8. I was favorite in like 7 of them so if i'd won 5 or 6 of them i'd be having a decent year.

I'm pretty excited about the next few months anyway. I'm coming out of tournament retirement to play EPT San Remo and Monte Carlo. At Monte Carlo there is a 5000 Euro PLO tournament and a 25000 Euro high stakes event, so there will be some big money to play for.

I've also decided pretty much on my dates for the WSOP. I'm going to go for the middle bit (like the 8th-23rd) as there are a bunch of events that i want to play then, and i'm too lazy to hang around for the main event. Two weeks is enough time in Vegas anyway.