Monday, October 29, 2007

MTT's arrghhhh

I played the $150k guaranteed on Betfair yesterday, which actually ended up with a $174k prize pool! Wow i was steaming by the end. I was in the top 5 chips all the way to the bubble. Then in 20 hands i had KK v AA, then JJ v QQ on JQx flop, then QQ v JK to a fishy Rob Sherwood! lol

From hero to zero in no time at all.

Joey Lovelady won and Rob came third. Congrats. Joey was a total card rack in the final and the result was never in doubt. He only played because i told him it was on without twenty minutes till the start!

Off to play EPT Dublin this week. I play Day 1(b), which is Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Since WPT Barcelona i've been playing aload online including two 16 hour sessions last week. I've managed to get some monster stacks at $25/$50 PLO ... my biggest was $78k and i lost a flip to make it very close to $100k so called it a day. Mind you i think in that particular session i was in for $40k anyway!

Here are a few hands i've played lately.

Donkish draw that was winning all the way! lol

Bad misread

A much better read

One word - TILT

Next up on the tournament circuit is EPT Dublin. After that the GUKPT final and EPT Prague. Hopefully i can get a result in one of them!

Also i forgot to blog about this before, congratulations to Dusk Till Dawn on securing their license to open a poker club in Nottingham. Hopefully there will be some big festivals held there. It will definitely be good for all poker players, as they will run tournaments for all buy in ranges.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

WPT Barcelona day 2

Steaming... just busted out.

Playing 16k stack (blinds 200/400) ... I called the BB with 67 suited after two callers to a raise. Flop 67T with two clubs. I led out for 2500. Guy who raised preflop called. Turn a T. I bet 3000. He called. He seemed weak and its tough to put hom on a T. He may have an overpair in distress. River a Jack and i pushed all in. He dwelt for ages and i was sure he would fold. He finally called with 88. lol. I found a calling station.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another Tourney

Heading over to Barcelona to play the WPT tournament this weekend. I love Barcelona so never mind travelling there for a tournament. Kind of recovered from my tilt from EPT london. These tournaments are so big now, that you don't get that many opportunities for a top three finish, and i definitely think that was one that past me by.

Still its kind of a consolation that cash games have been going so well. My $25/$50 PLO stats have been really good for the last few months. I've played about 30000 hands with a BB/100 hands of over 20, which is definitely unsustainable long term. But i can enjoy the rush while it lasts :-)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

WSOPE articles

Before the WSOP Europe main i did an hour or so coaching for a Telegraph journalist Martin Johnson. They make a good read and the links are here Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

lol i sepecially like this extract:

I told him about the Oriental, and Kirk said: "Oh no, that's Kenny Tran. He's not someone to mess with. Just don't talk to him. Don't talk to him at all. He's trying to read you, and if you've got him as baffled as you got me on the first day, we wanna keep it that way."

It proved to be an impossible tip. I was involved with Kenny again after everyone else folded on the pick-up, and he bet 5,000. I had King-Five unsuited, and thought I'd at least see the three flop cards. Nothing to help there, but something told me Kenny's urge to nail me might have outweighed him waiting for a decent hand, and I stayed with him until his final bet of 10,000.

I called. "You've got me man, if you can call me, you got me." I flipped in my K-5, and the entire table gasped. Kenny had indeed been bluffing, and, as he said, I'd got him. But the sight of the K-5 made his eyes pop. His mouth opened, but nothing, for once, came out. If I never played another hand, I could dine out on that one.