Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Insane Form

I am on a run at online poker like nothing i have ever had in my life at the moment. After i blogged here on September 4th with my six month results, things have just got better and better. Playing $10/$20 PL Omaha 90% of the time, my figures since that day for when i have played are +$2070 per hour. I mostly play one or two tables, so i work it out that i have been winning between 60-80 big blinds per hour.

I am almost afraid to play as the run must end with some horrible losses surely. I have won 16 days on the trot when i have played which is just completely ridiculous. Also since i had my worst ever online day which i posted here, i have had 24 out of 26 winning days. This madness must end. At such a high variance game such as Omaha the swings can't just keep going up and up.

After i wrote my poker blog yesterday i had a couple of sessions. The first on the £10/£20 NL Holdem and the second multitabling at Omaha. I won £6000 by the end of the day.

The £10/£20 NL Holdem

- I started with £1750. I was treading water for about an hour and had £1850 in front of me when this happened. I called a raise to £40 with 4h5h and four of us saw a flop of 2d3d8s. I bet £45 and on player check raised it to £120. I called. Turn the Ah to give me the nuts. He bet £200. I thought about slowplaying then decided not to. So i made it £666. He moved in and i called. He showed 88 for a set and it didn't pair so i was up to £3800.

Didn't play a hand that i lost more than £150 on and ended up leaving with £3350.

The $10/$20 PL Omaha. 5 or 6 handed for the session.

- Ridiculous first hand. Someone raised. I called with TTA9. A few of us saw a flop of T65 with two hearts and i had the Ace flush draw and TTT. All the money goes in three way. One player had 66xx. The other 789x. Turn 7. River rag. I thought that was the start of a downswing.

- I held QQ44 and made it $100. to Play on the button. Flop 44A. I was hitting quads lots. Checked to me. I bet $100 into a pot of $500. One call. Turn 3. He checked. I bet $200. He made it $400. I called. River 3. He checked. I bet $500. He called and showed AKxx.

- Early position raiser. I had AA35 ds. After a couple of callers i managed to make it $530 to play from the SB. One caller. Flop 36J rainbow. I bet $1000. Opponent goes all in for $1300. I call. He shows JQQ3. Turn 2. River a 4 to give me the straight.

- I have AA43. I raise to $60 in early position. Another player reraises it to $200. I decide to just call. Flop 667. I check. He checks. turn a 2. I check. He bets $400. I make it $1000 and he passes. I show my hand and he said he had Aces as well.

- Another lucky aces hand for me. I have AAJJ double suited. Get into a raising war with one opponent. He has $1100 and it goes in preflop. He shows AAK9 double suited. Flop J43 rainbow and i win another big pot.

This one happened on the $5/$10 table. I had turned my second $1000 buy in into $3000. 5 handed.

- I called a raise with 5d8d3cAd on the burron. Yes garbage i know but i was hitting. Four of us see the flop of 552. Original raiser bets $200. I decide to make it $600 as there was a flush draw there. He calls. I think he must have a 5 now. Turn a 3. He checks. I bet $550. He calls. River a 5 to give me quads. He checks. I bet $2000 and he moved in for $1670. Nice.


bazza12 said...

Wow i hadn't checked your weblog for ages.

Seems like you are in fine form at the moment.

Keep it up

Andrew Shapter said...

i think your on quite a roll now but dont you admit some of the calls your opponents have made have been awful?

Milkybarkid said...

Yes i have been paid of alot with bad calls and people overplaying their hands.

Its the same players that i kpet winning then losing against before my run started. The main difference is that in big pots, my hands are mostly standing up when i am favourite, whereas that wasn't the case before.