Saturday, March 26, 2011

Strangely Tilted

Was waiting for my heater to end before i posted again.... it was due.
Played really bad in the last 3-5 days and dropped around $100k. Not sure why i let it bother me when i lose at poker, but i still feel mega tilted every time it happens. I should just take it in my stride after doing this for so long.

Anyway, i tilt self excluded from Full Tilt for a week. The site generally tilts me anyway. Every time i look at the 25/50 PLO list its the same names who sit out. I think like at least 15 of them have never even played a hand against me. I've never sat out to any player on any site.... only short stacks and button limpers.

My graph since the last one. I was winning almost every day until the recent downsing. I've played 36k ish hands so far this year which is more than normal.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Probably run bad after this

Poker has been going alot better this year, think i sorted my head out after my downswing last year.... and haven't tilted too much at all this year. I'm happy with my graph for the year so far, these things always say i run above EV. I doubt i can keep up the results of the last six weeks, but its fun while it lasts.

I haven't played any live tournaments for ages. Hopefully i'll make it to EPT San Remo and Madrid. If not, i'm definitely going to Vegas for about 18 days in the summer.