Monday, August 31, 2009

Boredom Zzzzz

Ych i remember when (midnight UK time), i could just fire up my accounts on various sites and be playing 2/3 games within a few minutes. It seems 50/100 100/200 PLO, has less and less players, and even those who are about are just nits who sit around for a few people, who they deem super fishy.

The one thing i have never done in poker is permanently quit a player who wants to play me Heads Up. I guess that’s why it’s so tilting to sometimes see 4/5 people that i’d happily play, and they just sit out and say No Thanks... right now there is one person sitting on Betfair at 50 100 (who doesn’t play anyone) and not one person on Full Tilt. I can’t even be bothered to sit down, as i often have to wait hours for a game.

Surely anonymous tables, where you can just choose a name before you sit down could create action for regulars.

Rant Over...

I’ve been doing good since i got back apart from that. Up $100k ish on Betfair and level on Full Tilt. This pot against Gus earlier was fun.....

Looking forward to breaking the online grind to play the WSOPE, EPT and some of the WCOOP events. Its cool to be able to play 7/8 big tournaments without having to travel.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Action time

Seems ages since i last played... well three weeks is a pretty long break. I'm to to concentrate on playing mainly Full Tilt, and maybe stop being a nit and have a bash at the 200/400 and 300/600 games that have been going if i run ok at the medium stakes.

September/October also has a bunch of live tournaments that i'm going to play, so hopefully i'll update the old blog a bit more often!

Just got sent a link to an article about me in Inside Poker