Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Year

Haven't posted for about six weeks or so, i pretty much took most of December off apart from a profitable drunken session at midnight on Xmas Eve when i didn't remember any hands....

I'm slowly getting back into playing. I find the desire/motivation you need to win at high stakes in this game burns a little less than it did a few years ago, after five years of doing any job i guess thats inevitable.

I've been having $50-$100k swings at 25/50 and 50/100 PLO games which is pretty standard for me. I've made a sluggish start to 2010 running about $150,000 below EV. I had two disasterous sessions where i won a total of 7/40 odd all ins, when i should have won around 22/23... hopefully i'll save my run good for when i start hitting 100/200 again.

A few people suggested my $7.8 million PLO graph was fake. Of course, yes its possible to purge sessions on Poker Tracker, but to this day i've never purged a single session. Below is a screenshot of my worst 11 sessions which total about $800k is losses... with my profit still at $7,695,980

I've been looking at the various EPT's coming up and have decided to play Berlin and Monte Carlo. I've already booked my room for the WSOP, and always look forward to the annual trip to Vegas in the summer.

My next blog i promise to analyse some hands because i haven't done that for ages.....