Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Been on a great rush in the last week. I'm up close to $400,000. Mostly at $50/$100 Heads Up PLO on Full Tilt. Definitely my best ever week online.....

Here are a few of the bigger hands that i've played lately!

Set over set in $60k pot

Winning a $110k coinflip

Hand holds up in $36k pot

$30k pot against the same guy

Calling a bluff - $78k pot

Calling a bluff - $30k pot

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back Home

I left Vegas earlier than i had planned so missed a few of the tournaments i had on my schedule. After the six tournaments, cash games and expenses i lost $1000 on the trip. For me thats a good Vegas result. I was ill for about five of the days i was there, which meant i played less tournaments than i wanted too. On the plus side i discovered the 24 DVD series and i almost watched series one without a break!

Someone posted a bunch of questions on my last post which i'll answer:

Whats the biggest ever pot you have won?

I've had a few around the $150,000 mark. It may actually be this one while i was in Vegas.

Whats the most you have lost/won in a month?

Most won $425,000 in January this year. Most lost $260,000 in March 2007.

Who are your toughest opponents online?

I actually do worst against tight passive players on full tables. I try and run over them way too much, and they pick me off! There are loads of good players, its too difficult to name a few.

What would you do if you didn't play poker?

Hmmm probably some office job i guess. I'd also like to own a bar/restaurant some day!

Would you rather win a bracelet and $200k or no bracelet with a $500k cash?

Its very close. In a few years hopefully i'd say the bracelet, but the extra $300k would buy me the car that i want!

What has happened to Gryko, Pommo and Dubai?

Gryko is a dealer at the new Luton G Casino, Pommo party's for a lving, and Dubai gambles on everything still.

Who is the most overrated player that has a big reputation?

Mostly the players who win one or two tournaments, yet have been losing players except for that for the last five years. There are plenty of them out there......

Are games getting harder online at high stakes every year?

In NL Hold'em the games are on a different level to three years ago. They are very tough to beat. As for PL Omaha, there are still plenty of soft spots especially at the $5-$10-$25-$50 levels....

Do you ever feel guilty about taking peoples money?

Not really. Anyone who plays high stakes online probably is either independently wealthy, or won the money playing poker in the first place.

How important is playing under anonymous IDs online where people don't have a clue that it is you?

It definitely helps especially if you play on sites with a small pool of players. If you have two years experience playing certain opponents, but they don't know it you, then its a massive edge.

Friday, June 13, 2008

WSOP Update 8

Zzzzzzzzzzzz really tilted now. Just busted out of the $5000 NL with about 100/725 left. I had below average as the day started and got off to a great start with a TT v AT double through. I then lost a 75k pot with QQ v AK v A9, which would have put me double the average. Shortly after i had a AQ v AQ v JJ hand, with a decent sidepot between me and the other AQ. I managed lose both pots......

Saturday, June 07, 2008

WSOP Update 7

I played the $5000 shootout yesterday. No good. The structure wasn't the best and i lost 4k of of my 10k starting stack when i reraised preflop with AK to a cutoff raiser, then continuation bet a J24 flop and shut down after i got called. I busted with TT v AA standard.

I decided to play some $100/$200 in Bobby's room last night. The game was a round of each NL Hold'em and PL Omaha, sometimes with a $400 straddle. I'll post some of the more interesting hands. I started with $20000.

- PL Omaha. My stack about $15000. I raised preflopto $700 with Kc8h9dTd after the button limped. It flopped KdAd6d. I checked and the French guy to my left announced pot and bet $2100. Button folded and i called. Turn brought a 8s. I check and he announced pot again. I just didn't believe he had it so took my time and then called. The river was a 4c. I checked and he now put me all in. After calling the turn i'm never passing so i called and he had the bare Qd and i scooped a nice $30000 pot.

- NL Hold'em. My stack $28000 ish. I raised mid position to $900 with QQ. Guy in the cutoff reraised to $3300. I called and we saw a flop of Q5A rainbow. I checked and he checked. Turn brought a 7 and i checked again. He now bet $3000. I made it $12000. He thought then pushed all in, about another $13000. I wanted to puke but don't think i can ever pass in that spot. He had AA of course, so i lost about a $56000 pot.

- NL Hold'em. I reloaded for $20000. UTG made it $900 to play and two callers before it got to me. I called with Ac9c, and so one more player behind me. Seven of us saw a 8cJcQc flop. Checked to me and i didn't want to kill any possible action so i checked as well. Turn was a 6d. Guy in early position now bets $3700. I give it the dwell and call, and everyone else got out of the way. River a 4s. He checked and i quickly bet $11500. He dwelt for about three minutes before making the call and mucking. Guess he had a set or two pair. It would have been tough to pass any decent hand there, as i was obviously tilted from the recent cooler.

- PL Omaha. My stack was about $37000. I raised UTG with 7hTsAsKd and picked up one caller directly to my left and the small blind called. The flop came down Kh8h9s. Small blind checked. I checked and the guy to my left checked. Turn brought a 3c. SB now bet out $3300. I called and the guy to the left called. River was a 9h, pairing the board and bringing the flush. SB now checked, i checked and the guy to my left now bet $11,000. The SB went into the tank for a few minutes and i was running through my mind what hand the bettor could have. He checked behind on the flop last to speak to its pretty unlikely he would do that with two pair, set or nut flush draw. It just didn't make any sense, i also had a very strong feeling it was a total bluff, as he won't be value betting small flushes given the action. The SB eventually passed and i quickly called. After he said two pair i knew my hand was good. That was my favourite pot of the session.

I ended up winning small considering the game size, but i had alot of fun.... didn't recognise that many players in the game except Rafi Amit, Freddy Deeb and Josh Ariah!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Vegas Update 6

Well i played the $5000 mixed event (half NL/half limit). It went very much like the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em. I played pretty good for four hours and had managed to triple my stack to 30,000. Such was the structure of the event the limit was playing alot bigger than the NL part, so essentially it was important not to run bad during the limit section. Well i lost two massive pots with AA v JJ v 77 capped pre, also AK v A5 capped pre. These cost me half my stack and the rest went in a KK v KK coup where i got four flushed.

I'm very much picking and choosing my events at the moment, got a bit of a cold, so taking it easy over the next couple of days. I'll definitely be playing about 6 more events while i'm here. Just need to move on from just making good starts.

Haven't been playing so much online either, after my big win in the first few days i haven't wanted to play so much 200/400 PLO.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Vegas Update 5

I was slightly tempted to play the live 100/200 PLO going in Bobby's room last night. I don't have enough $$ over here to play it properly. If i still have $40-$50k left close to the end of the trip, i'll definitely give it a shot.

I'm going to play the mixed $5000 Limit/NL which kicks of today at 5pm. After seeing the size of the $1500 field, i'll probably skip some of the smaller events. Just because when i look around and see 2000 runners, i feel a bit unmotivated, because i realise you have to be sick lucky to beat that kind of field over a few days......

In other news. I'm no longer sponsored by Betfair Poker. I've had an extremely good relationship with them over the past three years, and we have decided to go our seperate ways. I'd like to thanks them for their support over that period, and wish them and their team (annette, john and sorel) the best of luck in the future.

I have some exciting news that i should be able to announce in a few weeks, probably soon after the WSOP....

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Vegas Update 4

Woooooo just won $150k pot. On a bit of a rush online. Up over $300,000 in the last three days. Live has been going well too. Added to my $22,000 NL cash game win with a $14,000 win yesterday. My biggest pot with me calling a $4000 river bet with 3c5c on a A23TT board. He mucked. Wander if its possible he mucked the best hand 44-99?