Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Sometimes you have one of those nights when you walk out of where you are playing and hate poker. Last night was one of those…

Played in the £250 Omaha Hi/Lo rebuy event which we started with 3000 chips. I played good solid poker for four hours and had built my chips up to a decent 32000. I was probably amongst the top 5 or 6 of the 29 players remaining. Then I tangled with another player with a lot of chips. We were playing three blinds which at the time were 600/600/1200. An early player raised to 4000 to play and I look down and see I have AA59… I decide to try and win it then or at least isolate one caller so I raised it to 16000 to play. He called. Flop 899. He immediately moved all in. Even if I didn’t have a 9 I would have called without hesitation. So I moved my remaining 16000 chips into the middle and he turned over A2TQ. Turn a blank and the river yes you guessed it… a J to give him a straight. There were 74000 chips in that pot and if I won that hand I would have been a big chip leader. Instead I left immediately or I would have gone on tilt big style. The problem I have when these things happen is I equate them in monetary terms. I can’t see how I wouldn’t have made the money if I had won that hand and I think it probably cost me at least £3000… maybe a lot me. Even if he had had two outs or something it wouldn’t have been so bad but a bloody Gutshot…. Arrrrghhhh

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