Sunday, September 11, 2005

£10000 hand

Its been a while since i won a 10k sterling pot as I usually play the 10/20 dollar table. Four handed on Betfair's new six pac table......

On the button i raise to £80 with 8899 double suited. I get reraised to £200 and three of us see a flop of 57T with two of my suit. Checked to me. I bet £600. Pick up one caller. Turn 6 to give me the nuts. He checks. I bet £1800. He reraises it to £4500. I move all in for £3300. Just £600 more to him and he passes. How he can pass for £600 in a pot over £10000 i will never know. Still i hardly wanted to see the river card given my usual form in huge pots.

I fly to Barcelona tomorrow. These are the events i am going to play.

Monday - €500 Pot Limit Holdem
Tuesday - €300 Pot Limit Omaha
Thursday - €4000 No Limit Holdem EPT event

Really looking forward to the start of the EPT again. Hopefully i can take some of my cash form to the tournament.

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