Friday, September 30, 2005

£1000 PL Omaha

I decided to give the tournament a go despite thinking the structure wasn't exactly player friendly.

Had an interesting table to say the least... Jan Boubli, Mafews (big net player) who I have probably played more against that any live player I know, Steve Vladar, Sonny Nijran, John Gale (who seems to stalk me wherever I sit), Willi Tann and another couple of players I don't know by name. I got really lucky early on against Willie. Blinds of 50/100. Few limpers and Willie makes it 600 from from late position. I call as do the others limpers. Flop A49. I had put Willie on AAxx but it got checked to me on the button. Now I convince myself he either has AKQJ or KKQQ or something like that. So I bet 1600. He moves in for 3200 after the others pass and I call. Oops... he does have AAxx but of course the 2 pops up on the turn to give me the nut straight.

Lost my chips on this hand but I must say "I WAS RIGHT"

Not with the play in particular, but with the discussion afterwards.

A few limpers and I had quite a lot of chips so made it 600 to play with 4578 one suit. Tight player to my left raised the pot leaving him with about 5000 chips. Now I know he has Aces. Everyone else passes. I think then decide I can take a flop and get away from it easily enough. Flop 67J rainbow. I put him all in. He calls immediately. He has AAQK one suit and calls. I have any 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 or 9. All of which practically kill the hand dead. 19 cards in all.

Turn and river are evil for my hand and I lose a 16000 chip pot.

Cue some friendly banter between me, mafews and sonny about my odds when I move in. At first I said 70/30 in my favour and they laughed. In fact, Sonny was willing to bet me £10000 that it wasn't over 60%.

The more I thought about it I was convinced it was nearer 70%. Well here it is... straight from the Hendon Mob calculator.

My hand was 69.47% chance of winning after the flop.

Its the EPT main event draw today at 2.30pm. Fingers crossed i get to play today.


OnTilt said...

I hope you took the bet then?

Milkybarkid said...

Unfortunately not.....

Though by the time i had decided i would take the bet he had withdrawn the offer!