Friday, February 29, 2008


I haven't been playing so much in the last few weeks.... just some 25/50 - 100/200 PLO on Betfair and been doing ok. Been so busy with birthday celebrations and skiing. Looking forward to playing alot more in the next few months.

Been looking at flights for the WSOP. Wow they have hit the roof price wise - sick. Since a few years ago prices have trebled, anyone know how to get discounts? Still haven't decided whether to do one extended stint, or a couple of shorter stints. It's cool they have added a few more $10k events and i'll definitely play the PLO, PL Hold'em and the Main. Its about time i ran good in Vegas after the last couple of visits!

I'll post some hands when i get back from skiing. Got a few interesting PLO ones!

Rake Challenge Leaderboard for 1st March (two weeks left)

Punterz08 £7178.41
Peego £7177.31
Kirdirf £4831.27
Beau777 £3382.07
Speedytom £2721.93

Friday, February 08, 2008


Rake Challenge Leaderboard (6 weeks to go)

1. Peego £4969
2. Kirdirf £3378
3. Punterz08 £3094

4. benno £2932
5. justagame £2727

6. beau777 £2114
7. LDO £1979

I played the Party Poker TV tournament earlier in the week. It was 6 handed and with 4 left i had 260,000 out of 600,000. Managed to finish 3rd which was a bit disappointing. The blinds shot up and it became a shove fest three handed and i didn't get lucky!

Got a really packed poker schedule for the next few months which is exciting. I also just moved into a house i purchased in London, and tied up alot of money that will not be going back into the poker community :-)

After the horrendous January that i had in 2006 and 2007... i finally managed to have a profitable start to the year, with my third best winning month on record. Been running bad for the last week so i'm glad i started the year well!