Saturday, September 17, 2005

Barcelona - Update 2 EPT main event

Hmmmm... i thought my tournament form couldn't get worse. But it seems to have found an all time low.

Got my chips up to 14000 after level one after i called a big bluff with the second pair on the board. For seven levels/five hours i saw AK once... highest pair was 99 which i had to lay down preflop... 77 once and 66 once. No AQ, AJ or even AT. Never had a hand where i actually wanted a caller at any point so that says it all.

Lost most of them on this hand. Early position raised to 500. Five limpers and i call on the button with JsQs. Flop 9sTsAh. Checked to me. I bet 3000. One reluctant looking caller. Turn Ac. He checks. I bet 3700. He calls. River a blank of course. Check...check. He shows A4.


The Camel said...


Why on earth did you bet your straight flush draw on the turn?

The ace on the turn makes it more likely you are going to be called by second pair or whatever.

Unless you have a monster stack, semi bluffing on the turn is a recipe for disaster I think...

Better luck at the Vic.

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Keith

He looked so reluctant to call that i put him on some sort of draw like up and down straight or a flush draw.

He was in the cut off as well so if he did have an Ace i thought he would have bet the flop.

As i had incorrectly decided he didn't have an Ace i was sure he would lay his hand down......