Tuesday, November 24, 2009

End of year stuff

I played the $25000 HU PLO Championship on Full Tilt. I was on tilt before i even played it, because i was in a $500 satelite for a free seat, which i made the final of, and got all in on a coin flip when i had a 3.8k/2.2k chip lead, and didn't end up getting the seat. This happened less than 5 minutes before the start of the tournament, which wasn't good timing.

I then played Harrington25. He played like a super nit, limping every button etc. Plus he showed every bluff, and i admit, i was tilted. I ended up going out with two pair v bottom set. People can play how they want i guess, but i was looking forward to some fun matches, which wasn't what i got....

I know its a bit early to early to do my end of year review, but i'm taking the rest of the year off, so i may as well. My aims at the start of the year were:

- Win $2 million+ online
- Win $500k+ in tourneys
- Cash in a WSOP event in Vegas
- Get involved in some 500/1000 action
- Have a winning year staking
- Play 25000 hands minimum at 100/200+

I only managed the two aims i highlighted. I kind of feel like i've had a bad year at poker, but i had a really good first seven months, followed by a very bad few months in September and October, which i had my worst downswing, which i since just about recovered. The highlight of the year was getting 3rd in the WSOP $2500 event for $150,000.

Time for some graphs.

50/100 Lifetime

Total Lifetime Omaha

I'm pretty shocked by my lifetime Omaha graph shows me $7.8 million up. I added a bunch of aliases from old Crypto days like 4 years ago, which i hadn't used in my results before, which put about $500k on to the total. I must also be around a $500k loser on various laptops when away on poker trips and holidays. It's pretty sick because i'm wandering where all my money has gone......

Time for some aims for next year.

- Update my blog more
- Reach $10 million in lifetime winnings
- Win a WSOP or EPT event
- Play more on Full Tilt
- Try and not play so badly so often
- Not lose over $100k in a day (unless playing 200/400+)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heads Up $25000 PLO Championship

This is on later. Hopefully i can run better than last year when i won my first two matches, then bubbled for $93000 when i had my opponent down to 1k to my 11k... then i ran bad.

I remember now why i don't play on Full Tilt. I deposited and have since sat with around 10 people who have all sat out. Not so long ago everyone played everyone in PLO, now its as bad as NL Hold'em with a load of players just sat not playing anyone, especially on the US sites.