Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been back playing for about a week, and my year has started pretty good. I'm mainly playing 25 50 and 50 100, just till i get a decent chunk up on the year, then i'll play bigger... :-)

I've been four betting alot preflop lately, and its alot of fun and creates great action. I've had a $24k stack at 10/20, a $38k stack at 25/50, and a $50k stack at 50 100... though not much profit because it took me alot of buy ins to get them.

I see the schedule for my yearly donation at the WSOP has come out. I'll book to go out in the middle section for a few weeks as thats when most of the events i want to play are, i'll probably miss the $40k opening NL Hold'em event and the main event.

A few of the hands/luckboxes that i've played this year so far:

Couldn't put AKxx in his range so jammed river rather than called


Not sure what i was doing, maybe it was jetlag

I also got randomly sent a link from the London Review of books here, which mentions me and Dave "Dubai" Shallow.....

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year

Its been a while since i've posted and i've hardly played at all. Its been a long break from poker (maybe the longest since i started playing for a living), but i'm looking forward to starting again in the next week or so....

Hopefully i will get a lot of action at Heads Up and no one sits out against me :-)

I've also booked my hotels for EPT Copenhagen and Monte Carlo, so they will be my only tournaments in the first few months of the year!