Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Vic - £250 Omaha Hi/Lo

It was a case of deja vu in the Omaha Hi/Lo tournament again. I managed to get my chips up to 30000 without to much of a sweat or a rebuy. Mainly due to the fact that most of the players on my table were totally clueless. With about 26 left i was average chipped. Then these happened.

Blinds 800/800/1600

- I raise to 6400 with A249 double suited and my opponent who was short stacked moved in for 9000. He flips over A248 rainbow. He has horrendous scooping chances with only a live 8 and of course it flops and all the other cards are high.

- I again raise to 6400 with A23K double suited and Lallee calls. Flop QQx and he moves in and i pass. He had AQ24 so again i was a decent favourite preflop.

Blinds 1000/1000/2000

- I'm on the big blind with A2TQ and there are two limpers and one of the small blinds calls. I move all in for 10000. Three callers. Nobody had A2. Of course a 2 flopped. With the river to come i could still win hald the pot with a TJQ or an A and missed.

Was feeling extremely tilty so left before the cash game tempted me. How i haven't made the money in these last two Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments is just a miracle.

Well i can look on the bright side in the bigger picture. I won £5000 earlier in the day playing in the PL Omaha $10/$20 on Betfair. I was in for $3000 which i turned into $6000.... then i got a maniac on tilt and took another $6000 of him.

Tonights Pot Limit Holdem is already sold out so its a day on the online cash tables for me.