Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vegas Update 3

Bleurgh busted out of the $10k PL Hold'em event. I actually played really well for the first 5 levels, steadily chipping up to 60,000 (20k starting stack). Something happened though when i moved table, i started playing really badly and got mad at myself. I finally busted out with 7h8h v AK for David Benjamine, all in preflop for a 40k pot. It rolled out AKxxx lol.

Just got lucky ish (well i was about a 35% shot) in an $80,000 pot on Full Tilt and banked a $65,000 win. Feels like i had a bad day, but its actually been pretty decent.

Got a day off tomorrow, probably head to the pool and relax a bit. Feel knackered after hardly any sleep in the last 48 hours.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Vegas Update 2

I decided to play a cash game at the Bellagio for a few hours last night to try and stay awake, it ended up being a 9 hour session. The biggest NL game that was going when i got to the card room was $25/$50 NL, so i sat with $40,000. Deep stack NL is alot more fun that playing 100 big blinds online! I had a ridiculously loose image, getting involved in at least 70% of hands especially when we moved to 5/6 handed as the night progressed.

The biggest pot i played in the first four hours were prett much coolers.

- I raised UTG +1 after a live straddle to $375 with JsQs. I picked up two callers. The flop came JdQd4s. I fired out $950. First opponent folded, and my second opponent made it $2750. He had a $10,000 stack. As it was such a draw heavy board i decided to call and hope for a non flush card. Turn brought the 3c. I checked. He bet $3200, i moved all in. He called with 44. That put me down to about $28000 at the time.

-Three limpers after the straddle. I looked down at KK. This was after about 3/4 hours of play, and i'd never seen a pair over TT. I raised it up to 800 to play. All folded to the middle limper, who was a pretty tight player. He made it $3500. Given my image, he could be making a move, or obviously have a big pair or AK. He was playing $14,000. I moved all in. He snap called with AA which held up. Cooler. Sigh.

I dribbled down to about $10,000 after that and was steaming! Then a double up came.

- I found AdQd in the small blind after one raise to $300, i made it $1200 to play. The flop came AQJ rainbow. I bet $2000. My opponent called. Turn was a 7. I decided to just move all in. He thought for a while and called. The river paired the J which i hated. He mucked when i showed AQ.

I then made a sick play which ended up winning me a $40,000 pot.

- I called a raise to $300 with T5 off in the SB. I was pretty much playing every hand preflop at this point. Four of us saw a 5d8cJc flop. The original raiser made it $900 to go. Guy on the button called. I raised it up to $3000 to play. The raiser called and the other guy folded. The turn brought the gin card, an offsuit 5. I casually tossed a $5k chip the middle. He quickly called. I was fairly sure now he had QQ-AA type hand. The river was a 6 bringing no flush. I announced all in. It wa about $12000 to call. He called after a good few minutes dwell. I'd been caught bluffing so many times it would have been a tough fold.

- The last big pot i won could have been a $80,000 pot. It was against the same guy that i won the $40,000 pot against. He raised it up five handed $300 to play. I called and it flopped 67A with a flush draw. I checked and he bet $600. I made it $1800 to play. He called. Turn was an offsuit 9 giving me a straight. He led for $1500. I made it $5000. He counted out $15,000 like he was about to raise, and just called. Turn brough the Qd completing the flush. Yuck. He led for $8000. Hmmm. I thought and called and he turned over 77. Wander how the action would have gone on a blank river.

I ended up winning $22,000 which is decent especially as i was stuck $30,000 and steaming at one point. Just off to the Rio now for the first $10k event!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vegas Update 1

I arrived a few hours ago. The flight was relatively painless after a few glasses of vino managed to sleep for most of it.

I have a strange desire to play some live cash games on this trip, so am going to head down to the Bellagio to see what 50/100 and 100/200 games are going. I'm sure a nice $50,000 loss on Day 1 is just what i need to get the adrenalin pumping.....

Definitely playing the $10,000 PL Hold'em event tomorrow. Would rather run good than play good :-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Few days away

I didn't manage to make the cut to play the $25,000 tournament on Full Tilt, which was a shame as i was all geared up and ready! They capped entry at 64 as they didn't reach 128. So i almost bubbled being 67th in the list.

Flying on Thursday to Vegas which i'm sure will be a plane full of poker players, as its just a day before the WSOP starts. Its almost June and i've played just four live tournaments this year i reckon ... so will be fun to have a bit of a break from online cash games.

Friday, May 23, 2008

More 200 400

I finally managed to win a decent pot for $93000 on Full Tilt. It does help when your opponent is drawing dead by the turn.... not really sure of my opponents river call. It would have been a sick read if i had shown up with total air, the problem is that i may be "bluffing" with 77-KK type hands, which he can't beat.

There has been alot of decent action on the $50/$100 PLO games on Betfair too since my last post. Here are some hands from there as well..

Nut Flush good for $42,000 pot

Rivered full house good for $35,000 pot

Sick sick turn card

Lucky in this $35,000 pot

The best part of the week though was not any of those pots, it was Man Utd beating Chelsea.... i must run good!

**Registered for the $25,000 HU tourney tonight on Full Tilt**

Monday, May 19, 2008


Hmmm been playing a fair bit of 200/400 PLO in the last week or so. I'm about even but running horribly in all the crucial big pots. I haven't played that many big pots but here are a few of the ones i found!

Outdraw in $58k pot

So many outs miss again

Huge draw gets there on river

Another sick hand i lost

I've only played about 800 hands which is a tiny sample. Hopefully i can get a run together in the game at some point. Without a huge tank on the site it's tough when you don't win the big pots....

Just nine days now till Vegas. I should force myself to have a few days off before i go, so that i'm not tilted before i even start to play tournaments.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pre Vegas

Its only like 3 weeks till the WSOP kicks off. I'm as excited as i've ever been about a trip to Vegas. The last three years there has been different reasons why i couldn't play many events/didn't play as well as i should have...

I've only played a handful of tournaments so far this year, so it will be good to have a run of tournaments in a short period. Or it may crack me up we'll see!

I've booked myself into a suite at the Palms as a change from staying at the Bellagio or Wynn. I figure its worth the extra expense, if it makes me play better in the tournaments. I can also walk to the Rio for the tourneys!

I'll try and update as often as possible in the three weeks that i'm there.....