Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Haven't updated for ages.... had a huge downswing about six weeks ago and just about dug myself out of it.

I've reached some conclusions about online PLO at the moment. The players who were bad a while ago (2/3 years ago), are now average/good. The good players are now very good, the very good players are excellent etc. 10/20 - 25/50 is still pretty easy to beat, but i don't have the motivation to play those stakes anymore. 50/100 100/200 is very tough now. I rarely get to play players i think i have a massive edge on, most of the time i'm battling with top top players. To beat these players you need to have insane discipline, always play your best, never tilt, have a stringent stop loss, not play drunk etc

The last six months i've had bad discipline, tilted very easy, no stop loss, often played my C game, tried to win too quickly because i can't be bothered in having long sessions. I'm lucky that i've managed to win over the last six months really. I've had like 6-8 £100k+ losing days, which at the stakes i play is very hard to get back.

Anyway i haven't got any tournaments on the horizon, i may got to the PCA as i've never been before. Going to have some time off online, got some holidays coming up, and December is always a busy month.