Thursday, April 30, 2009


Busted out of Monte Carlo with a set of Jacks all in on a 4TJ7 turn... and found 89. Sick cooler...

The next month i'm going to play a bunch online before Vegas, hopefully i'll go on a heater like i did this time last year. I also intend on playing some 500/1000 soonish as well.

Time for a graph to make me feel better. My lifetime PLO... well since Jan 2006 anyway.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On to Monte Carlo

I busted out in San Remo in the last level of day one. I was about average stacked and after just calling a raise preflop with QQ, i couldn't find a pass to a check raise on a J64 flop. My opponent had JJ, so even if i'd played my hand faster preflop i would have gone out anyway, as he wouldn't have folded it pre against me.

There was one amusing hand from earlier in the day. I called a bet of 600 when blinds were 100/200 with 7cTc and the flop came 4cQcQd. I checked to the Italian guy who opened, and he bet 1200. I had an 8k stack and didn't want to just call, so made it 4000. Obviously i'm committed now, and he shoves and i call. Expecting to see like 77-AA or maybe a higher flush draw, or a Q. He slams A8 off on the table and looks really pleased with his play, even though i'm a 54/46 favorite. The T peels of on the turn to leave him drawing to 2 outs, and he goes mad and storms off outside for like 15 minutes to cool off.

Apart from that Remo was ok. After an opening night out i managed to think i'd lost the 10k euro cash in a bar i had on me as we had a fairly heavy night. After turning my room upside down i gave up, only to return a few hours later and it was sat on top of my laptop. My cleaner got a nice tip!

Looking forward to Monte Carlo in a few days, the venue is my favorite place for playing poker anywhere, and i expect a huge field of 800+ runners. Hopefully i'll at least make day 2. I'll stay around anyway as there is some decent side events including a 5k euro PLO.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm off to San Remo in a couple of days for my first EPT event of the year, be nice to break the online grind anyway. I've been doing alot better lately, and am finally up a decent chunk on the year... been playing about 6 different sites and its good to mix it about. Must get some money back on Full Tilt soon!

I missed the two SCOOP events that i was going to play. Had uni mates down for the weekend, and was too knackered/hungover to even contemplate an all night tournament.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I played my first NL Hold'em tourney in about 6 months, the $3k event on Pokerstars. I managed to cash, coming like 98/900 or something like that, going out with AK to Timex's AJ.... my key pot was losing AdQd v 99 all in pre for me to be top 5 in chips with 150 left.

It was so gruelling though staying awake to 8am, and playing for 10 hours, i'm not sure how the tournament pros can do it.

I'll probably play the $10k NL main event and the $2.5k NL HU, and depending on how my Omaha spin up goes on Stars, the $25k HU.

I just don't get Pokerstars sometimes. My deposit limit is set at $2k a day, and the hassle i have to go through just to get it increased by a few thousand $$ just isn't worth it. I'd probably play on there alot if i could deposit/withdraw $25k a day, like i can on every other site i play.

Finally, i can't get into the Royal Hotel in San Remo, as its full of Stars qualifiers, if anyone wants to sell me there room drop me a message here :-)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Its April

Wow this year has gone fast, and judging by my results so far i've got no chance of matching my $2.5 million+ year that i had last year, though i had a month off so it makes it even harder. Especially if i stick around the 25 50 and 50 100 level that i've been playing....

Obviously when i'm running good its all easy blah blah blah. My main problem is that i just don't have the patience anymore when i play these stakes. There isn't too much pain when i lose, and i don't give my opponents enough respect and try and beat them way too quickly, rather than wait for good spots. Probably playing my A game 30% of the time, then straight to D/E game oops.

Anyway i'm pretty excited about the next couple of months. I'm off to San Remo in a couple of weeks, then on to Monte Carlo for the EPT championship, then i'm going for my longest stint in Vegas for three weeks.

Next time i'll post some hands. I've got some fun 500bb pots, but i'm on my laptop so i'll have to search for them on my main computer.