Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Meh 200 400

I took a small shot at 200/400. I did four bullets of $20k over the last week or so. I only have two of the hands, as the others were on my laptop but i lose all four of the big pots i played, i was over 40% on three and one cooler. Doh.

Second nuts goes down in flames

Two Pair v Draw

Here is my 200/400 graph for 2008 anyway.

I have virtually quit playing online for the year. I'm just going to enjoy December and Xmas, i'm playing Prague EPT which i'm looking forward too as well....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A few hands

I haven't posted any for a while so i will post some below. Not much has been happening, i've haven't been playing so much in the last couple of weeks. I did an "In the Well" on 2+2 which can be seen here.

Run good

Running even better

A hand against The_Houdini

Another hand v The_Houdini

A non believer

My 2 was winning

Couldn’t fold here

sbsjqsqjb why the Queen on the turn

Funny one this. I floated the flop, and three bet blockers on the river and got called :-(

I'm also playing my heat of the Ladbrokes Poker Million on Skysports this Tuesday...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well my post about being bored and playing bad obviously did the trick. I didn't blog during the run, as i would obvious bok myself, but i managed to play from October 7th - November 3rd without having a losing day. Think i played on 21 of those days, i had a sick run back in 2006 but that must be a new record for me. I won just over $500,000 in the period ($400k at 50/100), i haven't even been at all tempted to play bigger which is good i think.....

I think towards the end of the year i'll set aside a decent amount to have a crack at bigger games, and see if i can have some ridiculous spin up.

Anyway if i break even for the rest of the year thats cool. Next years targets will be weird, as i'd probably settle for winning half what i've won this year. Or i could decide to stop being such a nit and play 200/400 :-)