Thursday, May 25, 2006

36 hours of mayhem

Wow i had the most crazy 36 hours online ever this week. I loaded up Betfair on Tuesday expecting a normal ish day but had the most horrific day possible. I must have gone 5 hours on 4 tables and not won a single pot over £1000 short handed. Ran bad, played not so good and had horrific luck, a lethal combination. I finally went to bed £25000 down and not happy.

I never know whether its a good idea to play the next day after such a heavy loss, but i hate being stuck for the week so thought i would try again. Cue more ridiculous bad luck, i lost with with Aces in Omaha three times all in preflop for a combined total of £20000 worth of pots. My opponent had the Aces as well each time and spiked a flush or two pair pair on me. I decided to try some £25/£50 NL Holdem which didn't go to much better, and after a few reloads of £3000 i was down £53000 in just 24 hours. I was so sick. 53 large was well over the online pain threshold.

I decided it was time for a break, and two hours later i was ready to go at it again. Between 10pm and 2am i won £45000. Got £25000 profit in the £25/£50 NL Holdem, and the other £20000 in Omaha. So after all that stress i lost £8000, and it feels like i had a big win. Rakeback is probably £3000 as well. Amazing that my biggest ever online loss in a short period is followed by my biggest ever win.

I am off to Dublin tomorrow to play in the second leg of the Showdown Poker Tour. Hopefully they will get more runners than the London leg. I may post some of the big pots i played during the big swing over the weekend.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fun fun

My run of form on the PL Omaha tables has continued since i last posted. I've had a few more great days including one where i managed to have two tables running with $30000 on one, and $14000 on the other where the max sit down is $2000. I gave some of it back but it was still a great day. I doubt this kind of form can last, so I am taking advantage of it whilst it does.

I have played some massive pots in the last week. Here are a few of them.

- $10/$20 PL Omaha on Betfair. 6 handed. I am playing a $29000 stack. I was dealt 7h7d8h8d on a six handed table in middle position and made it $60 to play. Everyone called to the SB who made it $200. All six players decide to see the flop. 833 SB who made the original reraise preflop bets $600. Second position calls (playing a $16000 stack).I think that the guy who bets out has AA or KK. He could also have a 3. The caller has almost defintely got a 3. I make it $2000 to play hoping that at least one of them plays on. The original raiser passes and the other player calls. Turn 2c There is $5800 in the middle. He checks. I don't want to make a milking bet as it makes my hand look to strong so i bet $4500. He calls. River K. Now he bets $9300 all in!!! I call and he shows 23KK. Yuck that was a $33400 pot i lost.

- $10/$20. 6 handed. I have $10000. Everyone limps to me and i make it $60 to play on the button with 3456 DS. BB makes it $200 to play. Knowing the BB he is nailed on to have AAxx with this move. 2 callers and i call. Flop As2h5h (I have no flush draw). BB bets full pot of $830. Everyone passes to me. He had $9000 and he probably has AAxx, maybe even with the Ace flush draw too. I decide to take a card. The turn is a 9c. He bets $2400. I just called again. River a 6s. He checked and i bet $5000. He called and mucked AAxx with no flush draw.

- $10/$20 Heads Up. We both have $10000 stacks. Opponent makes it $60 to play and i raise with KK77 DS to $180 to play. He reraises to $540 to play. Given the stacks we are playing i have a great chance to win a huge pot especially as i am almost certain he has AAxx. I call. Flop 732 with two of my suit. I check. He bets $1080. I raise the full pot and he moves all in. He has AA9T with the Ace flush draw. The flush comes on the turn and the river is a blank and he wins a $20000 pot.

You can now get a $200 bonus if you sign up for Betfair here. If you are interested in rakeback as well drop me an email. I may be able to offer you a better deal than the other Crypto sites (Interpoker, William Hill, UKBetting, Sun Poker, PokerPlex and Littlewoods)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

River Rat

This week has been very good on the PL Omaha tables on Betfair. As weeks go, its been one of the best ever... i played every day Mon-Thurs and managed to have good wins every day.

Poker tracker really is my friend. I now have thousands of hands against my regular opponents, and over last weekend i spent a few hours studying my most frequent opponents statistics and replayed numerous hands. The information i gathered certainly helped this week. I also noticed an area i could improve and have put that right as well.

For those who have Poker Tracker my VP$IP is 79% over 37000 hands which basically means i am a loose fish! VP$IP is the % time i voluntarily put money into the flop. Most of the winners are between 35% and 55%.

Good luck to anyone playing this weekend!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Thats how the PL Omaha games on Crypto have gone this week. A few new players have joined and there have often been 3 or 4 £10/£20 on the go at the same time. Two of these players in particular have been running very well and are tough opponents. They are extremely tricky and aggressive, the average pots with these two on the table have often been over £1000. The swings have been huge.

The week started badly. Monday i was in for £22000, and ended the day even after being up £10000 at one point and later down £15000. I finally went to bed even at around 8am. Tuesday was my first really bad day since January online. I was playing 5 tables and for five hours i was brutalised. I lost a £13000 pot when i made a back door Ace flush against a straight flush. Having been up £8000 early i gave up £17000 down. Not good.

Wednesday started very well. I did very well Heads Up winning £10000 in about an hour. I was hitting everything and even got quad Aces against quad nines. I hit a high point of £16000 up. Swung back down to £4000 up, played for about another 6 hours and finished £13000 up. I didn't play so much the rest of the week, with no big wins or losses anyway.

For the week i am down about £5000 which is not so bad. It could have been worse and i still have the Sunday night games to play, so i may be able to wipe out the loss.

I played the Showdown Poker Tour event yesterday. I managed to get some amazing hands and never got paid. Whenever i bluffed, or had a marginal hand i got called and lost, guess it goes that way sometimes. Not sure what the next tournament i play will be. Am starting to look forward to the WSOP. It's not so long to go...