Thursday, August 19, 2010

An update at last

Its been ages since my last update. Poker went well in April and May online, then i had a month off during Vegas. The last 4-6 weeks have been pretty bad. I'm sure i've been on the positive side of variance for most of the time i've played online, but i've run terrible recently. I've become obsessed my Poker Tracker 3 and it just tilts me so much now when i play a session where i run $50k below EV.

I'm at a weird stage with poker really. I can't be bothered to play small, as grinding doesn't really change my financial position at all. With all my money i've tied up in a couple of houses, i can't afford to play big and lose. Bleh... so if someone out there wants to bankroll me for $100/$200+ action on Full Tilt i'm open to offers :-).

I've also lost my Poker Tracker and the 300,000 odd hands i had on my computer. I had a major problem with it and had to restore it to its original state to fix the problems. I thought i'd saved the hands on an external disk drive, but obviously not. I'm pretty gutted about that. Someone also just keyed my Audi R8 as well for the second time this year - arrrrrrggggghhhh

Not sure when i'll next update the blog. I'm in two minds about retiring it. If i start playing big i'll update again.....