Sunday, May 31, 2009

200k Day

I had one of my best ever sessions yesterday winning around $200k.... mostly playing 200/400 HA on Full Tilt. Highstakes database has me as a $90k loser in 2009 on Full Tilt, when i fact i'm up close to $400k... guess they don't track most of my sessions, and they missed yesterdays one too.

Its cool to book a big win before Vegas as well.... i kind of wish i'd gone out to play the $40k NL, but 3 weeks in Vegas is long enough, hopefully i can run good in one of the PLO events.

A few hands...

Get it in good in $100k pot

Set over set in another $100k pot

Catching a bluff

Not really sure about this one but i get away with it

Monday, May 25, 2009

$25k HU NL Championship

After my bubble bustout in the $25k PLO Championship a few months ago, i entered the $25k NL Championship a few nights ago.... i drew Brian Townsend in round 1

Here is my exit hand

Not sure if its standard to get on 150bb with KJ there...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Been doing ok apart from that, my target to win $2 million online this year is looking a bit optimistic, unless i step up to 100/200 or bigger, i can't really be bothered with the stress, my $200k swings at 50 100 are fun enough.

Just a week till Vegas, so i guess my next update will be from there!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After losing the $300,000 in 36 hours a few weeks ago i've been running pretty hot, i'm up about $550,000 in two weeks. I've played from 50/100 to 300/600 in that time, and i've got some money on Full Tilt again and hopefully i won't bust me roll on there.

A few hands because i haven't posted any in a while....

Pretty easy call after good river card

Flop the wrap

Nice flop for my hand

One i lost - standard

Another i lost - This one was real tough. I three bet pre and flopped the second nuts, and i have two eights as blockers against the nuts. I think my play gets worse throughout the streets. I think folding the flop is a bit weak.... bleh i spewed on the river, but i guess i was check calling anyway....

Tough spot again - I full timebanked the river. I changed my mind so many times about calling in the thirty seconds i had to make a decision. In the end i decided he was capable of a three barrel with air, and getting over 5/2 on the river i made the call.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fck my trainers

Well last Wednesday i went to the gym and realised i'd forgotten my trainers, so i went home to collect them. I had a quick look online and saw a new name with a big stack at 50 100 and decided to sit in.... 36 hours later i'd done $300k. Definitely my biggest loss in a short period i think, i ran insanely bad including 3 pots over $40k when i was over 85% favourite, i played pretty terribly too especially after i was about $150k down...... so ridiculous that if i'd never forgotten my trainers i wouldn't have played. Tilt.

Anyway, i spent the last week recovering and have got back about 80% of what i lost. The $300k loss threw my plans to chill before Vegas. Definitely no more sessions like that for a while!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

WSOP 2009

Just a month to go till the WSOP now, and looking at the schedule i'll be playing the events below during my stay, i was going to play a bunch more but have family/friends over and don't really want to play whilst they are there.

June 3rd - $2500 Pot Limit Hold'em/Omaha
June 13th - $10000 Heads Up NL Hold'em
June 14th - $2500 PL Omaha
June 17th - $5000 PL Omaha
June 20th - $10000 PL Omaha