Saturday, September 29, 2007

EPT London Bustout

I made day three of EPT london 2nd in chips with 40 left. Anything short of making the final table and i was always going to be very disappointed but the way i went out was the worst way yet.

I had just under 190000 chips... blinds 2500/5000. Player who had me just about covered made it 17000 from the button. Tony Cascerino was in the big blind and had been playing very tight so i knew he was auto raising the button. I looked down at AQ. I reraised 17000 with 41000 more so 58000 to play. He thought for five minutes then the clock was called. I was going to pass if he pushed and was just hoping he passed. He eventually said call and threw in 14000 more chips. The dealer told him it was 41000 more and now he wanted to fold. The floor was called and because he announced call he had to put the 41000. I knew it wasn't a moody as he genuinely wanted to fold when he realised it was 41000 more.

So now i knew he was weak. He either had a couple of pictures or a medium pair. So i decided i would push any safe looking flop because there was 130000 available in the middle. It flopped 823 and i pushed, he insta called with 88. Sick. Only way i could go out at that point.

If he genuinely calls the 41000 i don't push the flop. If he hears the dealer i never go out of the tournament at that stage..........

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Its good to have some time back in the UK. For the last three months i think i've been away playing poker or on holiday about 80% of that time. Its hard to get into a run of putting decent results together online. My results have been quite good of late... in the last 20 sessions i have played i've won 17 times. That makes my pokertracker look a bit healthier :-)

The WSOPE is over and i really hope that next year there will be at least 6 events. I think the fields will get bigger when people have more chance to plan and qualify online.

Its EPT London next week and i'll probably play the £1000 PL Omaha tournament this Sunday as well. The WCOOP is also running and i'll probably play 2/3 events including the main event that i final tabled in last year.

Also Tillerman has started blogging again. It's one of the best blogs when he updates it!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

WSOPE £5000 Omaha

Had a massive rollercoaster day going down low in chips then up to about 65000... felt like i was in good shape with double the average the took two big coolers.

400/800 - Durrrr from Full tilt made it 2000 to go i called with A6QT double suited and the small blind called too. Flop A63 giving me top two and the second nut flush draw. Small blind went bet 3500. Durrrr called. I reraised the pot as the small blind had just 3000 more and i wanted the pot HU. Durrrr called with AAxx. Main pot was 22000. Side pot 35000 ish. Turn brought me the flush though the small blind had the nut flush... i was happy to win the side pot. River paired the board!

400/800 - I made it 2000 from early position with AA57 with one ace flush draw in clubs. Two callers. Flop 2c4sKc. First guy to speak leads out for the pot. I reraise the pot to 24000 as i am at least 40% against any had he can have plus i've got fold equity. He calls with a set, and pairs the board on the turn.

Was really low after that and couldn't make a comeback.

Congrats to Buzzer on winning the £2500 HORSE.....

Friday, September 07, 2007


I busted out late in the evening of day one in level five....

I started well and by the end of level 2 i must have been one of the chip leaders with around 20000 chips. It was fun to play all the games as well..... i had a disastrous level three i went an entire orbit of the games without winning or chopping a single pot it was brutal. That put me back to my starting stack.

I got back up to 20000 chips again in level 4 and here is how i lost a chunk of them...

Razz 400/800

(A)(2)3 i three bet against a (x)(x)6

I pull a Q... he gets a K

I bet again and get called

I pull a 9... he gets a J

I bet again and get called

I pull a 6... he gets an 8

I bet and get called

Last card no improvement for my 9 low and my opponent made an 8 low on the river!

I also lost a big pot in the same level when i three bet prelop in Omaha Hi/Low with AA3T double suited. It flopped what appeared a monster for my hand 5s6s7h as i had the As3s.. I bet and got called. Turn a 5d.. i bet and got raised. I called. River a blank 3 which was the worst card in the pack for me and i got scooped by 248J lol.

Both those pots were around 10000-12000 and i didn't recover after them.

Its the £5000 PL Omaha tomorrow. Please can i run good just one time......

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

WSOPE begins

The World Series of Poker Europe starts this week in London. Its an exciting time for poker and hopefully this event can go on to match the WSOP in Vegas. I'd love to see even more events next year! I'm sure the first prize for the NL Hold'em tournament will be the biggest ever paid out in Europe.

I'm only able to play the £2500 HORSE which starts Thursday and the £5000 PLO which starts on Saturday. Wish i could play the main but too committed to stuff which was organised before the WSOPE was announced. I've been playing some HORSE online, and its always fun to play mixed games so i am looking forward to it all starting now....

I played a qualifier on Sunday with a bounty on my head for $1000 if you knocked me out. There were about 250 runners with 8 seats guaranteed. I was doing good and then walked AK into KK, and a bit later busted out with AK into QQ! The guy who got the bounty also won a seat. They have a last chance qualifier scheduled for Wednesday with five seats guaranteed. Details are here.

I've aslo been playing a fair bit online! Had a really sick spell at $50/$100 when i didn't win a pot for like 150 minutes even though i managed to get all in with the best hand a load of times. Was in for $50000 at one point and ended the day $14000 down which was ok considering i thought i was losing my mind!

Some hands... looks like a only play Aces from these!

Aces part 1

Gutshot only way to lose stack

Aces part 2

Aces part 3