Tuesday, September 06, 2005

WCOOP - $200 PL Omaha

Hmm started very well in this and the structure was great. Got a load of chips early when i called a raise preflop with 89JQ. Flop JQ4. On player moved all in for about a third of my chips and two others called. I then moved all in and they both called with draws. They missed and i had 10000 chips from the 2500 starting amount. Some of the play was just terrible but i wasn't hitting any cards to get any of the chips that were flying around on my table. Called down some bluffs and managed to get to 20000 chips.

Lost a few hands and after playing for 4.5 hours i limped with AAJQ double suited UTG (blinds 300/600)... knowing that one of the loose players would raise in late position. One raise... one call and i moved all in for 11000. Call... call. I was in such good shape against AKQJ and KKJT with only one flush draw live that could beat me. Flop Q44 :-). Then runner runnered by spades and tumbled out in 200th out of 900 odd that entered. Agggggggh

Cash has been going very well on the 10/20 tables so i can't complain i guess.

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