Friday, June 29, 2007

Betfair qualifier

For those after some value there is a World Series of Europe package available this evening on Betfair! Details are here.

The package is worth $23k and there are just three players registered at $780 a go with 7 hours to go. Last week there was a decent overlay i expect this weeks to be even bigger, with so many players in Vegas.

Remember to download through this link if you want rakeback and a bonus.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back to Vegas

Fly back on Tuesday for part two of this year's WSOP. Only going to play the main event and possibly the WPT at the Bellagio if i get knocked out of the WSOP main early enough! Think i may have gone crazy by now if i had stayed there for the whole six weeks.

Been playing a fair bit online 25/50 PLO and doing pretty good. Won 7/8 days that i have played since i have been home.... but the games have been fairly dead, due to most of the people i normally play against being in Vegas.

I expect the games to be really good again in a few weeks when the WSOP ends... so hopefully i can keep up my decent run!

For anyone looking for updates - pokernews has the best coverage i have found!

Friday, June 22, 2007

WSOP Update 7

I'm back in the UK now...

I did play a couple more events the $5000 NL Hold'em and the $1500 PL Hold'em.

The $5000 NL Hold'em i probably played my worst tournament of the Series and was a bit tilted after the second hand that i played.

Blinds 25/50... i raised the cut off with AK. The SB reraised me to 600. I called. the flop came K62 rainbow. He led out for 600... i made it it 1900... he made it 4200. Hmmm ... i folded. Its tough to think of a hand i can actually beat. Think given i have no reason to think he is making a move on me its like 35% we have the same hand or i am ahead, 65% chance i am behind. I mucked!

I missed two flush draws in big pots then busted with JJ v KK when i limp reraised in late position as my stack was dwindling!

The $1500 PL Omaha hand i lost most of my chips on was kind of interesting. My second hand everyone limped in for 50 chips (we started with 3000). I made it just 75 more with 4JQK DS. I then declared i wanted to find the Aces. One guy called and Andy Black made it 750 to play. I called. Flop 47J rainbow. I bet the pot and he went all in. He had QQT2 lol. He made his 4 outer on the turn of course. I was a bit tilted and was ranting how bad he played the hand... hehe

I then turned my 75 chips into back to 2000 by winning the next four pots... then busted in a 4000 chips pot the very next hand with TQxx v KKxx all in on a JKA3 turn. Wanted to rebuy but of course i couldn't! Doh...

Back to the grind online for a few weeks and then to Vegas for the main event and maybe the WPT championship. Can't make the $10000 PL Omaha unfortunately. It will be the first time i have missed it since the event started....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WSOP Update 6

I played three more tournaments since my last update....

WSOP $5000 Limit Hold'em. Think i did ok and busted about half way through... but suffered a really cold deck and also managed to lose two big pots to less than 10% chances.. guess that is Limit. Found it a pretty boring tournament.

Bellagio Cup $1500 NL Hold'em. Managed to get a big stack in this early and the standard was pretty bad. People open raising in early position with A4 off then calling all ins, and more stuff like that. I played one fun pot against the other guy on my table with big chips. Blinds were 200/400 and i made it 1100 on the button with ThJd. He called. The flop was 258 with two diamonds. He led out for 2700. I decided to call to attempt to take it away later. Turn was a 7d completing the flush and he bet 4500. Again i called... this time instantly. River and off suit Ace. He checked. I pushed all in for 12000 he folded after a dwell. Its fun when a plan works out.

I was above average chips when we made the money. Then it went wrong in a couple of hands. It had become a bit of a crapshoot with average stack on about 13BB. First i walked AQ into AA... then i defended my big blind with 9cKc and it flopped 923 rainbow. The preflop raiser had 33 and that was that. I won a few hundred $$$ for my effort!

$1500 WSOP NL Shootout. Had a fun table for this one. Brandon Adams, Grinder, Rousso, Seif and a couple of other decent players. Starting stack was 3000 and i got up to 4500. Only one guy had been knocked out and we were in level two. I flopped the nuts with AK on a TJQ flop... only for my opponent to make a house with his TT on the turn.

Today i have the $5000 NL Hold'em... and if i bust from that tomorrow is a $1500 PL Omaha freezeout. Heading home for a break for a few weeks after those events ... then back for the WSOP main event and possibly the WPT event.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

WSOP Update 5

Sick again

I played the $5000 PL Hold'em... 390 runners and i never had my chips in the middle in bad shape/coin flip situation as i got up to 70000 chips with 60 left just over average. The biggest pot i won was fairly sick... i defended my SB blinds 600/1200 with 4h8h for a raise to 3200 with Robert Williamson calling along too. Flop 7TJ with two spades. Checked to Robert on the button and he checked. Turn a 4. I checked .. preflop raiser check again and Robert fired 9000. I figured he couldn't check behind with a made hand on such a dangerous flop so i reraised the full pot which put me all in. He dwelt and called with QK and the river bricked.

In the last level i lost a 70k pot with JJ v TT all in pre.... and then a 100k pot with AQ v KK when the flop brought an Ace. Both pots would have put me double the average with 50 left.

I lose motivation to play when this keeps happening.

Friday, June 08, 2007

WSOP Update 4

I think i am off tilt now from my PLO bust out hand. Though it is marginal. I never risked all my chips in any hand prior to the one i went out on and felt like i was cruising. Guess that is poker. I was so steaming i couldn't sleep at all when i got back to my room... and my sleeping pattern has been terrible since i have been here.

I played my second event today... the $1500 short handed Hold'em. Something like 1500 runners showed up for this one. You do really have to play good/run exceptionally well to beat a field that size. I managed to get my starting stack up to 9000 on a pretty good table. Everyone was quite ABC and i was cruising till i lost a QQ v A9 hand for seventy big blinds all in preflop.

Haven't played any live cash since i have been here. Not much PLO action in the poker room every time i have looked.

One interesting thing from the $5000 rebuy Omaha tournament. One of the players at my table thought he could use 3/4 cards from his hand... in a $5000 tourney... lol

He was all in against Brian Townsend for 20000 chips (blinds 50/100) ... on a 899 flop with KKK4 v 99xx. Brian has been playing Sammy Farha in the high stakes room $500/$1000 PLO heads up... sick stakes!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WSOP Update 3

So sick

Busted 20th in the $5000 PLO

Blinds 4000/8000 i have 190k stack. Few limpers guy makes it 40000 to play. I have AAxx .... i raise the full pot 160k to play leving me just 30k behind. He calls with KKxx and hits a king on the flop. Such a bad play by him. I can only have AA in that spot... so on tilt!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Vegas Update 2

I made day two of the $5000 rebuy PL Omaha tourney about 11th out of the 45 left. Rough chip counts are here.

So knackered now after a long day playing and jetlag. Hope i can run good tomorrow.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Vegas Update 1

Arrived in Vegas last night. Managed to have some sleep though i woke up early a bit jet-lagged!

Going for breakfast and then to the Rio to register for this afternoons PL Omaha event.

Will do some more updates tomorrow.