Thursday, October 07, 2010

Some action

I played the WSOPE £2500 shorthanded and £5000 PLO... no good. Ran up decent stacks then lost flips.. pretty standard. I skipped the £10k WSOPE main and the EPT schedule. I've been grinding online, and only want to play NL tournaments when i'm super motivated, otherwise i don't really stand a chance.

I've just about recovered mentally from my sick August where i lost my record number of buy ins. What it made me realise is that keeping the money i've already won, is way more important than chasing alot more money. So i've generally been playing only $25/$50, rather then $50/$100 and bigger. I definitely miss the old Betfair site. I won probably 50-60% of my lifetime winning on there, and there hasn't been much action on the new site except for ring games. I hate sitting round waiting for HU games.