Monday, June 22, 2009


Sick... entered day two 6th in chips in the PLO. I had a fun pot that would have put me massive chip leader on over 400,000 when i held J9xx v 8TJJ v 8TKA on a 8TQ flop after alot of preflop action. The case J hits the turn and back door diamonds came, as well to make sure i lost the main pots and side pots. TILT.

I fought back up to 220,000. Then i called a 12k raise with TdQhQdKh against two opponents. Flop came T75 rainbow and it was checked round to me. I checked. Turn the Kd to give me top two, and second best flush draw. Guy who raised pre now bets the pot of over 40k. I reraise the pot and we get it all in. He has KKxx .... no one outer K to get me involved, and i'd still have chips.

I steam won $40,000 online to make my tilt factor a 7/10, rather than the 9.5/10 it was!

GG Vegas, fly home tomorrow.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Vegas chance

I've got the $10k PLO in a few hours, which is my last tournament at this years WSOP.

I've played a couple since my last update. In the $5k PLO i went Ace cracking with 48TQ DS and saw a great 445 flop and was quickly all in v AAxx. Turn the A to send to to the rail - tilt. I also played one of the $2k NL donkfests and was up to 20000 in chips when i held AK v KK on a K45 flop, which i couldn't get away from.

I've hardly played online at all, and i've enjoyed the break. I plan on playing some bigger stakes online as soon as i get home.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back in action

After my third in the HA $2500 event i haven't even been to the Rio, as i've been entertaining family and friends. I still have three more PLO tournaments for the rest of the trip ranging from a $2500 - $10000 event. Hopefully i'll run deep in one of them, i'm looking forward to playing again.

I'll also probably drag myself into some high stakes live cash game before i go home as well just for the experience.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


A few hours ago i finished 3rd in the $2500 HA (half Pot Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit Omaha), for around $140,000. My bustout hand was pretty grim getting all in pre with AAA7 v JQK5 and the flop being 47T rainbow... i only had to fade runner runner. Anyway, i can't complain, i had my fare share of luck that you need to go deep in a tourney, and the guys who finished 1st and 2nd both played great. Got family and friends over so having a break for 10 days, then playing the three PLO tourneys, i'll see what i can do in them!