Thursday, November 04, 2004

Back to Betfair

Despite promising to stick to Omaha online I just couldn’t resist a stab at the $5/10 No Limit hold em game on Betfair. The players are so weak it’s untrue at least in my experience.

I just have to rant about this bad beat. I sat down with $400 and called a small raise on the big blind with A9. Flop comes 998. Guy under the gun raises $90 to play. I move all in immediately and he calls another $280 without hesitation. What does he show? An overpair? a 9? No 8Q …. What the hell. Anyway the turn is a T and the river a J to give a miracle straight. How can anyone justify that call is beyond me. I requested a hand history but Betfair crashed. Tsk

I pulled out another $500. The players on my table were possibly the worst I have encountered on Betfair which is saying something. At one point I raised under the gun to $40 with AA and got re-raised $200 to play. I move all in for another $380… and my opponent flips over TK unsuited. He basically put £350 in pre flop with TK. I hit a run of cards and got paid of each and every time and mostly with opponents with marginal hands. With 4 clubs on the board and me having the nuts someone called a $300 bet from me on the river with a 7 flush. Over betting the pot was working a treat….

I ended up with $2700 after playing for about 45 minutes from an investment of $900. Maybe I will start playing No Limit cash games on Betfair again.

One thing I have noticed recently is that the players that play the $5/$10 and the £5/£10 are worse than the players on the 1/2 and 2/5 games. Is it a case of more money less sense?

Of the 5 players on my table last night I made negative player notes about 4 of them and positive player notes about 1.

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