Friday, November 12, 2004

Drunk poker and random thoughts

Hmmm I played drunk last night on Betfair despite trying to promise myself I wouldn’t. I don’t just mean drunk I mean steaming. Played in the $2/$5 NL Cash Game and somehow managed to go from about $700 to $5000 but then preceded to blow most of it back by playing like an idiot. I remember calling $400 on the river at one point with a straight draw. I would NEVER do that if I was thinking straight. There were no conceivable pot odds and no implied odds either as the player moved all in. Ended up with a profit of $700 which considering I was playing like a lunatic is some result.

I’ve been thinking about different online poker rooms and why I seem to do much better in some than others. I’ve stopped playing Paradise because I seem to always lose at the Omaha game on there. The same thing seems to happen I sit down with $400 in the Pot Limit Omaha and nearly always end up on $1000 or more before blowing the lot. They also don’t cashout to my current account so I will be avoiding them from now on. They are a bogey site. I have the same thing with certain players at the Vic. There are a couple of players that despite holding monsters against them always outdraw me in massive pots. Sunny Nijram is one of those. He is an excellent Omaha player and also happens to be one of the very few that I can definitively say is in profit against me. He has also had a good week in the Masters Classics in Amsterdam. Oh and good luck to Keith “the camel” Hawkins who has made the final table to be played this afternoon. I sat on his table in the EPT event in London though I don’t really remember him too much. The guy who wrote the article that has appeared in Timeout this week was also on my table. One hand involving him annoyed me. He made a small raise preflop and I called. I had A9 suited. Flop 499. I check hoping to induce a bet. He checks. Next card A to give me a house. I bet about the pot. He passes AK. He was scared of the 9. I think everyone else at the table would have called me to at least see what move I made on the river.

Need to get back in Live tournament action so am going to enter the main freezeout events in both Brighton on the 4th December and Luton on the 11th December. If anyone knows whether I will need to buy in to these to guarantee seats beforehand the info would be appreciated. The EPT events are in my sight in Deauville and Vienna. I am sure to talk more about them as they approach.

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