Thursday, October 28, 2004

Back to basics online

After my blog yesterday about online poker I decided to start playing Pot Limit Omaha again. So last night I sat down with $400 on two tables on Paradise Poker. I actually managed to concentrate and play well and ended up finishing with $1500 on one table and going bust on the other table. Still a $700 profit is a good start. One thing about playing Omaha online to playing live is the amount of stupid draws people chase down. The table I went bust on was through a complete miracle. I was up to $500 and on the flop hit middle set and the nut flush draw on a 5JK flop. Get called on the flop and the turn card is a 8. I bet out again for most my chips and get called. River card is an 7 so am now looking at a 4JK87 board. Of course the guy had hit a miracle 56 straight…. He had top pair and the K flush draw so was drawing dead on the flop and the turn gave him one out which he hit. That was a $1050 pot and it made me angry but I managed to keep calm and still manage a winning session. Also online in Omaha there is no point in betting with a bare A when a flush is showing as players always call with smaller flushes… which is great when you slowplay the nut flush. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I hope u haven't stopped writing this blog - it's very good! Keep it up - we need more real players writing about what they're doing.

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