Monday, November 08, 2004

Damn KJ

I keep losing at crucial stages in tournaments to this hand. Firstly I lost to it when down to the last 5 during the European Poker Classics in London then again last night when someone reraised me with this hand preflop when down to three players battling for a seat at the Aussie Millions and hit two pair. I ask why oh why does any poker player think this is a good hand? In the poker Classics someone called the equivalent all my chips with KJ. Of course I had an A… I would hardly raise all in without one at such an important stage in a tournament unless I had a pair. A hand like KJ at very best is going to be a coin flip. I have decided this is my new unlucky hand to come up against. Any player who believes KJ is a good hand needs to give up the game NOW.

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