Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mixed Weekend

Went to the Vic on Friday and played in the Dealers Choice. Was only there for a few hours but I managed to lose what I sat down with. I was getting inpatient and lumped it in on 5 card Omaha Hi/Low hand with the nut low draw and a high flush draw after being re-raised. Really didn’t see more than one or two good hands all night though. Still I shouldn’t have got involved in the hand that I did.

On Saturday afternoon I thought I would continue with my Sit n Go test and move up to $200. I managed 1st twice and busted out early twice so got $2000 back for a $845 investment. I played in the Omaha game on Betfair at the same time and despite being $1500 up at one point ended up $700 up.

The aspect that I consider is my biggest downfall as a poker player is that I am very inpatient. Its part of my real life personality as well. I want to win and win quick. It sometimes leads to poor decisions. The curse normally strikes the most when I am losing. I seem to think I need to win back my losses ASAP.

One amusing point from the Vic. I few people asked me if I am the Poker Bastard. I was on the table with a few of his biggest victims.

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