Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bad night

Had my first really bad night online in a while the other night. A mixture of poor play and bad luck.

Played in the £2.50/£5 Omaha game on Betfair. Lost three big hands of significance costing me £1100. Yuck. Had good pot odds to call in all of them and worked out that the odds of losing all three were about 3-5%. Still I should have known it wasn’t going to be my night when I walked into Quad 9’s when I hit an Aces over full house on the flop.

Heading to the Vic on Friday. It’s the best night to play in the big Omaha game usually as you get a few players over celebrating the weekend if you catch my drift.

I rang Rendevous to find out how I can guarantee a seat in the £500 Freezeout early next month. The useless person who took my call preceded to tell me that I had to come to the casino if I wanted to register. I told her I lived in London and she said, “Why are you coming down to Brighton then.” Tsk…. Some people!

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