Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I hate poker sometimes!!

After a pretty bad week both online and live over the weekend I set about attempting to retrieve my losses last night. I had done my usual, “I am not playing poker for a few weeks.” after my losses Sunday night online. Sunday was just one of those horrific online poker nights I would like to forget. I played in the £2.50/ £5 Omaha game on Betfair and lost each and every big pot I was involved in. So I took a fair few £500 losses to say the least. I lost a £2000 pot early on when I got reraised all in by someone with trips on the turn when I had the nut flush. I had 9TAK and got £800 in on a flop of TT9 against some muppet with JJQK and he hit his only out the J to give him a full house. My computer nearly got thrown out of my window on that last hand because it just summed up the whole evening.

It’s amazing how fortune changes so quickly because playing last night my good hands were actually standing up. I started again on the £2.50/£5 Omaha with £320…. I hit a few draws and scooped one major pot that went as following. I had Ac6c8h4h and called a £20 pre flop raise. Its flopped 4c7c2d. I bet the £100 as I have a gutshot, middle pair and the ace flush draw. Loose aggressive player reraises to £400 to play and player on the button goes all in for £600. I have £450 left and there is no way I can pass with the odds that this pot is now laying me. I could have passed the hand head to head but can’t pass three way action with a gutshot and the nut flush draw. Three of us all in. Cards over I see I am up against two sets of 4’s and 7’s. Turn brings an 8 and the river an 8 of clubs that gives a flush but pairs the board. The money moves towards me…. What? I look again at my hand and see a beautiful 8 that has given me an 88844 full house J and a £1750 pot. After that I played tight aggressive because my table was full of calling stations and finished the night with £3000.

Meanwhile over on Party I was playing the $10/$20 Hi/Low Omaha and managed to turn $300 into $2000 after a brilliant run of cards and immediately cashed out after my good fortune.

Its weird how poker messes with my mind. Sunday night when I finally went to bed about 4am I was vowing not to play again for a while and two days later I like poker again.

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