Monday, November 08, 2004

Game Selection

I posted these figures here last week about my average rating since I started keeping these records since June and here is a bit more in depth analysis about them.

Online cash – 4.65/10
Live Tournaments 6.4/10
Live Cash – 7.1/10

According to my Hendon Mob poker diary where I added my stats for these separately I get the following interesting results

Online– Overall Win rate (per hour) +£9.50
Live Tournaments – Overall loss (per hour) -£17.55
Live Cash – Overall Win rate (per hour) + £131.55

Online - I am reasonably happy with £9.50 an hour due to a lot of times when I have played badly. I have been improving on that aspect of late. My last three online performances have all scored 7 or higher and hopefully this will continue. I have to learn to control my temper after bad beats… it’s too easy to go on the chase online.

Live tournaments – I am not surprised by averaging a loss of £17.55 an hour. I am sticking to only big tournaments from now on. I have played in the EPT £3000 and 7 other festival events in London (The Vic and Gutshot) Whilst I have had two finishes in the money and two on the bubble this will continue to show a loss until I manage a top 3 finish. Still I wasn’t sure whether to factor in my lovely 40% I invested in Tooz who won the Summer Breeze in Brighton.

Live Cash – Clearly I am very happy with my cash game results since my records started. Apart from two losses of £1800 and £2400 at the Vic I have had 12 out of 14 winning sessions. Hopefully I can maintain this kind of level but am sure to encounter a bad run at some point to level out the amount of profit I make in live cash.

The one shocking aspect of my analysis is that I have gambled over £20000 online to achieve a win rate of £9.50 an hour. This is way too high. There are far too many £500+ losses for my liking.

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