Tuesday, November 09, 2004

$100 Sit N Go test

I decided to give these a go due to the fact that all I hear is that how easy it is to consistently win money at them. I have played them before occasionally but never enough to see a pattern to my results develop. So I decided to play 10 $100 Sit n Go’s on Partypoker last weekend. I finished 1st 3 times and 2nd 3 times and 3rd once. I also never finished lower than 6th. So for an investment of $1090 I finished with $2500. A profit of $1410 was good for the four hours it took me usually playing two sometimes three tables at a time. I know I have to play hundreds of these before I can develop a real pattern of results but they are a guaranteed way to make money in my opinion. I just don’t really have the time to play them enough and they bore me.

My thoughts on how to play these. When there are 7 or more players on the table only reraise pre flop with AA, KK, QQ and AK. Call a raise with 88, 99, TT, JJ, QK suited and AQ. You can call the ante if you are in position with good suited connectors e.t.c. but don’t jeopordise your stack unless you have a BIG hand. Just hitting top pair on the flop if you have a rubbish kicker is NOT that time. Flush draws are not worth calling if someone moves all in if you have a reasonable amount of chips. You don’t need to get involved in coin flips just wait for a better situation to arise. Under betting the pot when you have a monster will often lead to an opponent thinking you are weak and trying steal the pot. The amount of players that make poor plays in these games is ridiculous. If you play extremely tight during the first few levels it is inevitable that 3 or 4 players will be knocked out. The hand that they get attached to most is an Ace with a small kicker. This to the average player in Sit n Go’s is worth all there chips if an A comes on the flop. Don't slow play big pairs before the flop. You don’t want to get a lot of callers if you have a high pair.

Obviously the tactics change when you get down to less players. You have a far better chance of doing well in these in the long run if you avoid the action unless you have a monster until at least 3 players have been knocked out.

Enough random babbling anyway…………..

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Anonymous said...

Move up to the $200 SnG level. The players are not any better.