Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Poker Hot or Not

My hot or not list on poker at the moment


$2.50/$5 Omaha game on Betfair
$100 Sit n go's on Partypoker
I'm starting to actually play online poker only when sober
Hendon Mob's Poker Diary
Poker Bastards Blog - http://www.pokerbastard.blogspot.com/
Reading other people's blogs in work
My Victor Chandler profit for the year which i was shocked by


Players who play KJ and keep beating me
Getting so close and yet so far in qualifiers for the Aussie Millions and Caribbean
Paradise Poker
Whingers on the Hendon Mob Forum
Missing the Masters Classics in Amsterdam due to work commitments
Lack of live tournament action for me since the European Poker Classics
Young internet players who think that a few months or a year of good results mean they are good enough to turn pro
A few really bad/average players achieving good results in the EPT events


Anonymous said...

Hi Kid,

Enjoying your blog, "Reading other people's blogs in work" is high on my own hot list. I've only been teaching myself to play properly for a year, but I was interested by your comments on online poker. I am up for the year overall, and up in live cash and live tournament play but down a fair chunk in internet play, which most people seem to suggest provides the weakest games. I would definitely like to improve in this area as it is a lot more convenient for me to play online, which is of course part of the problem.

As you seem to have identified playing drunk is a major leak, I wish I had a breathalyser on my laptop. One of the reasons it is bad for me personally is that it tends to make my game selection very poor, and I am beginning to realise this is just about the biggest factor in making money.

I have also deliberately spent a lot of time playing in a wide variety of games I'm not favourite in as part of the learning process, and this distorts my online results, its probably not relevant to you as you seem to be playing the larger games anyway. If I could force myself to stick to a very limited number of games and properly focused on them I would be winning here, but I would have died of boredom.

Another couple of problems I have noticed for myself with online poker, is that I tend to find it much easier to spend time observing players in live play and making accurate observations of their behaviour, if you are forced to sit at the table you have to do something other than, watch tv, surf the internet and eat your dinner at the same time. So forcing yourself not to do anything else while playing is probably helpful. Unfortunately internet poker is a lot more boring so this can be difficult. This can also be a problem with multi tabling I find.

It is too easy to make quick and automatic decisions online, which you regret after a couple of seconds, at a live game you are forced to take some time to think and physically pick up the chips, so something as simple as keeping your trigger finger off the mouse can be helpful!

Anyway good luck.

Milkybarkid said...

Anon - thanks for the message

I think your point about player observations is an important one when analyzing my results. I am probably being cocky but I do think I am better than 99% of the players I encounter online. I think that is part of my problem. Sometimes I think that I can outplay them when the board cards appear regardless of what cards I have. When I play live most of the time I know the player and there style to some extent which can help me with my decision making. I also multi table a lot… though I have been sticking to two tables of late because 3 is just too fast especially when playing short handed. Plus clicking between screens I went all in with 52 offsuit on Betfair for $600 against a $80 raise preflop. Luckily my opponent passed 

I definitely play more hands than I should. Only probably when I am playing high limits or $100 SnGo’s do I chuck away the majority of hands pre-flop that I do in the cardroom.

Anonymous said...


Roland from Inside Edge

Can you give me an email address for you

Like the blog!

Agree re:sit and go tactics.

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Roland

My email address is bengrundy@hotmail.com