Monday, August 08, 2005

Crash and tumble

I gave the rest of the Vic festival a miss after a rather torturous session online last week. Poker really does suck big time sometimes. It was a pretty hefty loss. Not a monster but it was more the manner of how it happened that left me gasping for a few days away from poker.

This is a hand that i won't forget in a while. $10/$20 PL Omaha

I was in for $4000 but sitting on a $5800 stack so not too bad. I made it $90 to play in early/middle position with 9h9dThTd... next player makes it $150, one caller then the button makes it $600. Both the blinds call so i decide to take a flop along with five others. Flop 268 with two hearts. There is $3600 in the middle and i get ready to check pass to any serious bet. Everyone checks. Turn a 7 to give me the nuts. Checked to me again. I bet the pot as i am more then happy to take down the $3600 in the middle. It all goes smoothly till the last player to pass moves all in for $6000. I lump it in of course and he shows AAA7 with the Ace flush draw in hearts which duly pops up on the river to win him a $14000 pot. His play was bad in so many ways but what it did succeed in doing was to send me on tilt big style. The red mist hadn't descended like that for a long, long time.

I recovered somewhat only to lose another huge pot with the Ace flush against someone who was willing to call $3000 on the turn with bottom set. It was truly a day to forget.

Anyone who thinks that playing poker for a living is easy should think again. I have more stressful days doing this than i ever did when i was working. Its great when its going well but hellish when your luck is out. It does pose a question. Do i really need to play in games so big that they can have such an affect on a) My bankroll and b) My sanity?