Monday, October 31, 2005


Not the greatest of trips.

Each tournament i managed to build up a big stack. But it just wasn't to be. Was amongst the chip leaders in the 400 Euro tournament the first night and the 500 Euro Omaha the second night. I was due some bad luck i guess.

The EPT Main event

I lost 40% of my 10000 starting chips early when 88 hit a set against my QQ. Then i got very lucky against Joe Grech when i bluffed on the turn and was forced to call my last chips as there was so much in the middle with just eight outs.

After that i started to play quite well and got moved on to a table downstairs with Barny Boatman and Dave Pomroy. Went on quite a card rush and hit a high point of 30000 (chip average was 20000).

Then this fun hand occurred. Blinds 400/800. I limped with QQ. One other limper. BB checked. Flop T82 with two diamonds. BB checked. I checked. Limper bet 1000. BB made it 4000. He had 11000 before the hand. I made it 10000. Limper passed. BB obviously didn't have much. He thought for ages and then called with T3. Turn a 3. Mmmmmmmmm nice. Would have been cruising on 45000 but was back to 20000 and feeling tilty.

Lost 8000 soon after betting a flush draw that never hit all the way through. About 45 minutes later i played my final hand. I had 16000 before the hand and was dealt AA on the button. One limper and i made it 3200 to play as i wanted action. BB called and the limper called. Flop J34 with two diamonds. First limper checked. Second limper bet 10000 and i moved all in. He called with QdKd and the turn was a lovely diamond to leave me drawing dead.

Congratulations to Dpommo for finishing 3rd in his 1st EPT event. I'm sure it was some party afterwards......

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