Friday, October 28, 2005

A couple of hands

Earlier in the week i played a couple of hands earlier in the week that i thought gave me the toughest decisions... here they are!

Hand 1

£10/£20 NL Holdem - 6 handed. I have £3300 in front of me. My main opponent in this hand has the same in front of him.

I am dealt 9dTd in the small blind. 2 limpers and the button makes it £120. He could quite easily be trying to steal the limpers money and has played quite aggressive since he joined the table. I decide to call and the limpers pass.

Flop 7d8d9c

Pretty much almost the perfect flop for me. So i decided to check raise if i get the opportunity. I check. My opponent bet out £200 and i made it £500 and he called. Its tough to put him on a hand now as i surely QQ, KK or AA type hands would reraise or pass in that situation.

Turn 3s

I decide to represent a made hand. I could still be winning with my pair of nines. So i bet £950. He calls. Maybe he is flushing? I was slightly baffled by the call.

River 2s.

Now what? I have £1750 in front of me. All in? Check, call if he bets? Check, pass if he bets?

Hand 2

£10/£20 PL Omaha - 6 handed. I have £5600 going in to this hand.

I am dealt QQ89. With the 89 in hearts. Two limpers. I make it £70 play. First limper who is a decent player makes it £150. I call. Flop QK6 with two hearts. He checks. i make it £350. He calls.

Turn 3c

He checks. I make it £1000. He reraises me another £3000. I have £4200 left if i pass.

What to do on this one? Two options i guess. All in or pass?


SimonG. said...

Bear in mind I usually play 10/20 limit rather than no limit!

Hand 1 smells like overcards, check and call if he takes a stab at it.

Hand 2 I pass. All you have said is that he is a decent player, but I don't think this is the spot you want to shovel it all in. On the old addage you don't have the nuts or a draw to the nuts (apart from the case queen) but appreciate it is only 6 handed. If I moved in no doubt he would show me KhKs4h5d.

The only doubt I would have is I'm not sure about his check and call on the flop, can't imagine he chooses to play top set that way? Does he want to take a blank off on the turn before committing? If I thought about it long enough I could probably justify a call, but instinct says to let it go.

what happened?

shahmat said...

Hand 1 - This is a very tough hand, with so much in the middle you cannot make much of a defensive bet on the river without committing yourself. It is very hard to say where you are at in this hand. If I had to guess I'd say he has JJ,AA or flopped the straight. I think its very close to him being on a draw or having you beat but not wanting to put addittional money in. I think I would either check call or check fold, very close call. You're in a tough spot.

Hand 2, I would pass as it sounds like he has KK in the hole, but I don't play much omaha, and never 6 handed.

Also pretty annoying to have to sign up for a blogger account just to post, would be handier if you allowed anonymous comments as I already have a different blog set up.

ChrisTG1 said...

Hand 1

Probably go all in to stop a tough decision if he does.

Hand 2

Tougher decision. So much money to call. Pass i guess.

Milkybarkid said...


Well hand one i checked and he put me all in. I passed. Looking back i should have called, and it was the lack of time to make a decision that made me pass i think.

Second hand. I passed as well. Think it was the correct decision on that occasion. The only hand i think he may raise with in that spot other than KKxx is TJAx with the nut flush draw. In which case i am not much of a favourite anyway.

Simon - He probably wanted to see a safe card before committing. Its a tactic that a few players use when they hit top set.

JezHR said...

Hand one, I'd make a value bet on the river and see what he does.

Hand two, he advertised his hand at the start with his min reraise (pot building so he can bet big if the flop is rag) KK ... definitely... I think anyone with KKK would want to see a safe card with KQ on the board and a flush draw in Omaha ... too many danger cards. You made the right decision IMO ... although your 9 high flush draw would have tempted me to call :)