Sunday, October 16, 2005

The best day ever

Well i managed to finish second in the Swedish open main event for around £60000.

Feels very good.... better than Monte Carlo or winning my first ranking event. A few players of late have doubted whether i can play NL Holdem, and think i am an Omaha specialist. To be honest, it has irritated me quite a bit. Maybe now i have won over £125000 in NL Holdem tournaments this year may convince those who think i am a Holdem fish.

Rant over! :-)


Nemesis said...

Who won the tournament?

Nemesis said...

Well done!(fish) :-p

mbk senior said...

A local boy - Thomas Berglund won.
Well done Ben - coming 2nd against all those Scandies is a great achievement.

OnTilt said...

Great result! So what next?

JezHR said...

After watching you play poker from the first day I have known you until now, this result does not really come as a surprise to me.

Bad luck in the final hand, bit of a no brainer really.


Dpommo said...

Great result mate, wish I had come now!

Well done

KQsuited said...

whats next? 1st place in the scotland open championships haha. congratulations lad

Milkybarkid said...

What next?

Hopefully more decent results. I may play a WPT event sometime soon as well.