Friday, October 14, 2005

The good, bad and the ugly

The Good

Had a couple of good wins online since i have been out here.... managed to turn £1000 into £4300 of the PL Omaha table against two opponents who seemed determined to keep putting there money in against me drawing dead. I also won two £300 out of two which gave me a nice profit as well.

The Bad

Played again live cash and managed to turn the equivalent of £1500 into £6000. I was getting pretty lucky at times but i pulled off so many bluffs it was untrue. This was my favourite. I called a raise preflop with 5578 ds. Flop TJ2. Both players check as do i. Turn Q. I checked again and one guy bet half the pot. I was pretty sure he was bluffing so made the minimum raise with nothing. He called. River was a blank and i bet 3/4 of the pot. He thought and then mucked his hand face up. He had QQ9K..... i showed three cards 578 and everyone was really amused.

We played three handed then and i couldn't hit any cards when i got involved in a monster pot. I raised on the button with 4567 DS. SB reraised. BB reraised. I called. SB reraised again. BB called. I called. Half my chips were in preflop. I fancied my hand against potentially two AA hands or very high hands. Flop 778. Nice. The rest of the chips go in. Unfortunately one guy had KK78. That was that.

The Ugly

Played the PL Omaha tournament yesterday. Started with 2000 chips and by the end of the rebuy period i had a whopping 26000. Kept steadily building till i hit 35000 and was second chip leader with 23 left. I had raised three hands on the trot before this one. I actually had AA DS in two of those and TJJQ on the button in the third. No one had called any of the raises. There was one limper and the button doubled the blinds to 2000. I look down at AATJ DS. Bingo. I reraise the pot and make it 8000 to play. He says,"I am sick of you raising.. i call." Flop 892 with two of my suit. I bet the pot and he goes all in for about 18000. What monster does he show? 9776 no flush draw. This was a mammouth 52000 pot. Turn rag T and i get no help on the river.

I was not happy about that. I would have been on course for a top 5 finish if i had won that hand.

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