Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Birthday

To my blog...

Its been a year since i started it up and i read through some of the oldest posts the other day.

Some year. I guess writing this blog must have contributed some way towards what has been an incredible year. Its been a year thats seen me travel abroad to Vegas for my first WSOP, Barcelona twice, Baden, Monte Carlo, Deauville and Stockholm. Sometimes i do have to pinch myself to believe what has happened in such a short space of time.

I haven't played that much poker this week. Incredibly i am up £4000 for the week despite playing very badly for long periods in one session. I lost to a 1% chance on the very first hand and it wasn't till i was £4000 down did i start playing properly again. Managed to turn my last £1000 buy in into £8000.

I really shouldn't have played at all this week. Just not feeling overly motivated to play cash games at the moment. I am sure i will be ready to start again on Monday. Still not sure about whether i should just stick to PL Omaha, or whether i should have another crack at the NL Holdem tables.

Next week i am heading to Dublin for the fourth EPT event of the year. Then probably Amsterdam for the Masterclassics.

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Andrew Shapter said...

youve had an excellent blog, probably one of the most interesting ive come across for some time. keep up the good work and keep playing well