Thursday, October 06, 2005

EPT Baden

Firstly, this tournament was superb. I know i had complained about Barcelona and the London EPT events, but Baden was different class. The structure was great... all the blind levels were there. They changed the clock to 60 minutes after a few levels. Then the played Level nine twice for 120 minutes. After that they switched to a 75 minute clock for the second day. It wasn't just the structure it was the whole feel of the tournament. They had set up a big flag parade before the start .... the food was superb. Drinks were free. There was so much room for all the tables.... i could go on.

As for my tournament. I played much better than i did in the other EPT events. I just couldn't pick up any cards and with two calling stations either side of me, bluffing wasn't that much of a good option.

I did get to 16000 after this hand. UTG raised to 600 (blinds were 75/150). I had QQ and just called in the SB. The BB called as well. Flop 227. I check, BB checks, original raiser bets 1000. I make it 2000. Turn a 9. I checked, and he checked. The river was a 5. I decided to make a big bet and hoped to get called bt TT or JJ which is what i had him on. I bet 3500. He called with JJ.

I survived all the way to Level 9 without ever going above 16000 or below 7000. With about 45 left i was playing all in poker. Blinds were 600/1200 and my stack was just 7600. I needed to double up. Twice i moved in with AQ and actually hoped for a caller. Everyone passed. Then i picked up AT. I was ready to move all in if it passed to me on the button. The cut off raised to 5000. I thought i may have still been in good shape or if not a coin flip against a pocket pair under ten so moved in. He had JJ and it stood up. Think i finished 44th out of 180.

The Scandanavians seem to be tearing up the fields at the EPT events. Everyone in the final is from Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Norway. The average age must be around 25.

So what am i doing? Flying to play in the Swedish Open next week to take them on in their own back yard. Should be interesting, i'm going to armed with plenty of Euros for the cash games.

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