Thursday, November 03, 2005

Too much poker

I must have spent about 25 hours on Monday and Tuesday this week playing online. I really have to be more disciplined when i get back from playing festival main events, as i usually hit the tables the next day when my head just isn't right.

Monday was a very strange day. For the majority i wasn't concentrating properly and at one point i was down £7000. I stuck at it though and as always seems to happen at the moment, i got out of it and won a few hundred quid. I was very happy considering some of the plays i made.

This one was one that cost me $4000.

Six handed. I have 2567 (a monster i know). Was still in the hand with two others despite a raise and a reraise. I was hoping both had high cards. We all had approximately $4000. Well it flopped 334 rainbow. Not great of course, first guy checked and as expected the guy with obvious Aces bet $1000. I decided to reraise the pot figuring i would probably win it then. If not, i still had plenty of cards for a straight. An ok move except when the guy who first checked the flop, wakes up with 34xx and i am drawing dead in a $10000 pot.

I bought in a ridiculous number of times. The big hand that was the turning point was this one. Four handed and i had $5200. I had JJK9 ds and raised to $70. One caller and a guy reraised it to $250. Two of us called. Flop JQQ. I checked. Other guy checked. Original raiser bet $800. I reraised it the pot figuring i was up against a Queen and kickers. He moved all in and i called. $10000 pot. He had QAA2 so i was actually in great shape. My hand stood up... if i had lost that one i probably would have lost £10000 for the day.

On to Tuesday. I spent so much time wishing i had quit after just five hands. Sat down at the £10/£20 table against two players and wiped them both out almost straight away. A flush v king flush and trips v a wrap and i was £3500 up. I so should have stopped.

I moved on to the $10/$20 table and think i must have hit my head against a brick wall for about 5 hours and bought in 8 or 9 times. Was playing very badly at times but also getting ridiculously unlucky. By about 8.30pm i was very annoyed and also down £5000 for the day. I really needed a break and headed down to the pub for a few drinks.

I came back in and decided to give it one more shot. I fired up a £10/£20 NL Holdem and two $10/$20 PL Omaha tables.

I really thought i was playing well on the NL Holdem. I kept managing to make the most of the good hands i got and was making some good moves with next to nothing. I got up to £4700 at one point from £1500 then i got tangled in a very big pot.

6 handed. A few limpers and the button made it £100 to play. It could quite easily be a move to pick up the blinds so i called with JdQd from the big blind. One of the other limpers called as well. Flop 2dJhKd. A great flop for me. I checked, limper checked and the button made it £300. I decided to just take a card as he had £3000 in front of him. The other guy passed. Turn a Qs. I now had two pair so decided the check raise was the move to make. I checked. he bet £800 and i put him all in for about another £1800. Unsurprisingly he called with KK. I don't think i could really have got away from that hand without it costing me alot. So i ended the Holdem about even.

I went on a great rush in the two Omaha tables i was playing, getting up to over $20000 on one of them which was the second biggest stack i have ever accumulated. I also got up to $7000 on the other one. Just to add something new into the mix i also won a £300 six pack.

It was nearly a five figure win for the day, a victory for perseverence rather than great play.

I am undecided about Amsterdam next week. Think its likely i will just go over for the main event, as i decided i would if i had a winning week online.

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razboynik said...

Hi Ben !
Great Blog. Keep up the good work. :-)
How long have you been playing poker seriously ?
I need some coaching to improve my game. Do you know any coaches that could help online, as I presently live in Russia.