Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Some live cash

Its been a while since i played live cash for a decent mout of money. I met a few of the guys i play on the PL Omaha tables on Betfair and apparantly i am a "tricky opponent." lol

Was playing the equivalent of £10/£10.... sat down with £2000. Only one big hand and a few others. Raised to £60 by middle position and i called from the BB with 8TJJ double suited. Flop 79Q rainbow. Small blind bets £120. I call. Original raiser makes it £400. Small blind calls. I call. Turn a 6 to give me the nuts. SB checks. I bet 1300. One pass. He thinks for ages and calls his last £700 with trips and the Ace flush draw (which came on the turn). Why the long pause? Luckily a blank fell and i was up £1500 early on.

Very strange hand this one. Hmmmm. I raise on the button to £100 with QQ22 DS. Three callers. Flop QJT rainbow. One guy bets £150. Other guy moves all in for £500. As the original raiser has just £600 i put him all in. He passes. All in guy shows 8923. It stands up as well. Are we playing Omaha or Hold'em here?

Finished up just under £1000 in profit. Am sure to donate it back very soon :-)

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